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Written By: Phaedra, an Element Preservation Designer

One of the fun things about working at Element Design is that we have a few team members who love astrology as much as they love flowers. Those who are interested in zodiac signs and what exactly Mercury is doing at any given time (if you know, you know) are happy to share their knowledge with each other and the rest of the team. We thought it’d be fun to bring some of those conversations to our lovely community of clients and floral fanatics! Here, after much careful thought, we have paired each zodiac sign with a certain flower that we think compliments that sign! Find your sun sign and let us know what you think- bonus points for including your moon, rising, and other planet placements! Note, these aren’t necessarily seasonal pairings. We’re looking more at the overall vibe of how the blooms and each sign relate. 

Aries Flower (March 21-April 19) 

 16x20 Gold Wood Frame

Aries are fun, energetic, and tough. They are forces of nature! We think that an Aries is well represented by the thistle, a mighty little flower that can survive in various conditions. The thistle flower has an explosion of fine greenery under the strong base flower, just like Arieses are known for their firecracker personalities and strength of character. 

Taurus Flower (April 20- May 20)

16x20 Black Wood Frame

Taurus signs tend to love two things- their homes and a little bit of luxury. The many layered, pillowy petals of peonies bring to mind the Taurean way of life, which amounts to be both as fancy and as comfortable as possible. Peonies are also stubborn flowers, coming back year after year, just as Tauruses know how to stand their ground.

Gemini Flower (May 21 - June 20)

16x20 Black Wood Frame

Clever? Generally appealing? Social butterflies? That’s Gemini! We think the strong presence of a Gemini is just like that of a Protea, named for the Greek god of change. Both the plant and the sign have a lot going on inside and out- so many layers to both! Protea can also survive in extreme conditions, much like the adaptable sign of Gemini. 

Cancer Flower (June 21 - July 21)

 16x20 Natural Wood Frame

Cancers are the sweethearts of the zodiac, and what better flower is there for such kind souls than a sweet pea? Both the sign and flower are somewhat delicate, but are soothing to those around them. The bluish hues of some sweet pea varieties make us think of the watery aspects of a Cancer. 

Leo Flower (July 22-August 22) 

16x20 White Wood Frame

If you know one thing about a Leo, it’s probably the fact that they’re a Leo. This sign is known for making a statement and standing out from the crowd, much like the beautiful dahlia. Both this flower and people with this sign are colorful, bright, and bring the party! 

Virgo Flower (August 23 - September 22)

16x20 White Wood Frame

Virgos are known for their precision, keen eye, and helpfulness. Hydrangeas are exact little blossoms organized into perfect bunches, and we all know how a Virgo loves an organization moment. When they are used in bouquets, hydrangea are often acting as a base for the other flowers. We don’t think either hydrangeas or Virgos mind being there to support others! 

Libra Flower (September 23 - October 22)

16x20 Grey Wood Frame

Libras are great lovers of beauty, balance, and aesthetics. There are few flowers as balanced as the classic rose. Roses, like Libras, have not one petal out of place. Both the sign and the flower are balanced, and a little flirty. 

Scorpio Flower (October 23 - November 21) 

16x20 Gold Wood Frame

It was tricky to land on a flower for the mysterious and charming sign of Scorpio, but we think the perfect one is the amaranthus. This flower and this sign both have something special to them, with more beneath the surface than meets the eye. 

Sagittarius Flower (November 22 - December 21)

16x20 Barn Wood Frame

The adventurous, spunky, and fun loving Sagittarius can easily be compared to the colorful zinnia. These exotic looking blooms evoke the famous Sagittarius love of travel, and the pop of bright petals remind us of how joyful it is to spend time with this sign. 

Capricorn Flower (December 22 - January 19)

16x20 White Wood Frame

No other sign is known for being as hardworking as a Capricorn.Their admirable dedication to whatever they set their minds to sets them apart! Their energy is that of the sunflower, as both are outstanding in their fields. Sunflowers are useful plants, too, just as a Capricorn loves to head up a project. 

Aquarius Flower (January 20-February 18) 

16x20 Natural Wood Frame

Much like an orchid plant, Aquarians are unique and grow ever outward in their thinking. We’re not assigning one type of orchid to all Aquarius, as both the sign and the flower come in so many wonderful varieties. Orchids seem totally out of this world, just like the innovative sign of Aquarius. This sign is also always thinking of the collective and is very community focussed, and you’ll almost never see a single orchid growing alone on a stem. 

Pisces Flower (February 19 - March 20)

 16x20 White Wood Frame

Pisces are sensitive dreamers, often with their heads in the clouds and their emotions on their sleeves. They match up well with the Lily of the Valley, a sweet bloom that looks like delicate snowdrops dripping from a stem. This flower and Picseans share a fantastical quality that is to be admired. 

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