Top Floral Trends Of 2023

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Written By: Phaedra, a Pressed Bouquet Shop Designer

One of the best things about being in the business of flowers is getting a sneak peek at the most popular blooms of each wedding season. In years past, we’ve seen everything from elegant orchid cascades to boho-inspired bouquets filled with feathers and pampas grass. So far this year, we’ve noticed a few exciting trends, and we’re listing them here in no particular order. We hope they offer some inspiration for both your fresh bouquet and preservation pieces!


Monochrome wedding bouquet.

Monochrome White Wood 16x20 frame.

Monochrome bouquets are a) stunning and b) very in right now. We love that florists are using many types of flowers in various shades of a single color to create a dynamic, interesting arrangement. We’ve seen these in white, purples, and yellows. Typically, these bouquets are minimal on the greens– unless it’s a green palette, in which case we’ve seen some really lovely all greens bouquets. This type of bouquet is perfect for a classy-with-a-twist wedding, and the pressed florals will display every subtle tone and color of each flower. 


Monofloral ball bouquet with red roses.

Pressed flower frame with monofloral ball bouquet with red roses.

On the other end of the spectrum, we’ve seen quite a few examples of the monofloral trend. Using just one type of flower, such as lily-of-the-valley or red roses (the symbolic meanings of which you can check out here), a beautiful and often sentimental bouquet is formed. The key thing about using one type of flower in a bouquet is to play with the shape of the arrangements, and florists will often infuse whimsy or elegance into the silhouette. Our frame designers can translate those fresh flowers into an incredible float frame. Large or small, the beautiful simplicity of a monofloral arrangement cannot be understated! 

Hand-Picked Blooms

Side by side of a wildflower bouquet fresh and pressed into a 16x20 Natural Wood Frame.

We are obviously big on the sentimental here at Pressed Bouquet Shop, and this charming trend really tugs at our whole team’s heartstrings. If you or loved ones have a green thumb, what better place to source your wedding florals from than a beloved garden? You can also make a bridal party activity of going to a local flower farm and be sure each bloom is selected with love. Hand picked flowers are some of the best to keep forever, we think! Some of our very favorite frame and resin designs have featured hand picked blooms (plus, our coasters make perfect gifts for those who helped you find your blooms). If your bouquet was hand picked, be sure to let us know! 

Floral Installation Art

Three connected 16x20 Grey Wood Frames hung up on wall to showcase the art installation piece.

Truly a trend for the “go big or go home” types! First of all, if you go this route, send us photos! We love dramatic florals and getting a peak at your big day. We’ve noticed this year that more and more couples are choosing to decorate their ceremony and reception spaces with huge arches of flowers and greenery. One of the best things about following this particular trend is that you’ll have plenty of florals to use for your preservation pieces. Our designers can recreate the grandeur of any large display in our 16x20 frames, and you’ll easily have enough to go for one of our bundle deals

Big, Bold Colors

 Colorful wedding bouquet.16x20 Barnwood Frame.

Finally, one of our favorite things to see this year have been bouquets that are stuffed with every color of the rainbow! Using a variety of blooms, these bouquets have a piece of our hearts for how they look all together in a preservation piece. Often, the palette will be “all the colors, but make them pastel/bright/deep”- there are many ways to do a rainbow! Naturally deep colors are some of the most beautiful flowers when pressed, and truly hold onto their pigmentation. Sometimes it’s necessary for the florist to paint the greens or the flowers themselves to ensure that they look just right, but don’t you worry! Painted or dyed items can look amazing when pressed, so we can usually use these sentimental blooms in your frame or resin (they might just require a little extra TLC). Our designers love working with colorful bouquets, so if you go with this trend, be sure to send it our way post-wedding so we can create a lasting artwork as unique as you! 

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