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Dearest gentle reader, 

This author is very pleased to be a great fan of the program, Bridgerton, and even more pleased that we have recently been blessed with further episodes. As you may recall, we love a little romance, and love even more to pair romance with florals. In celebration, we have gathered up some of our most favored pieces of floral preservation, which remind us of those characters we have fallen in love with over the years watching their foibles. 

Here in our own Easton, we have been surrounded by the most beautiful of blooms, as late spring has taken up residence and showered us with lovely weather, perfect for a bustling wedding season. The fresh florals coming through our door are equal in beauty and graceful elegance to those that are being sent home in their new forms as framed artwork, or the most precious and functional resin pieces. Many of those things which we are now packaging and sending off are putting us in mind of some of our dearest couples across the sea in the London of the Bridgertons, Featheringtons, and good Queen Charlotte. 

We have here compiled those artworks that put us most in mind of those we have seen gallivanting this past season. We feel certain that any piece that came from us at Element Preservation would have a happy home on the walls of such mansions and ball rooms as we have seen on our screens. 

This golden frame that shows the most regal of blooms, the white peony, calls to mind that most particular royal, Her Majesty Queen Charlotte. The reach of the greenery brings to mind the intricacies of Her Majesty’s hair, which may next season brush the ceilings of the ballrooms she presides over. We would certainly imagine this decorating the very walls of the palace, perhaps helping our queen to reflect on a simpler time with His Majesty. 

Now, we have quite an easy time seeing this serving tea in the household of the Duke and Duchess of Hastings. Though we have passed many seasons since without Daphne or Simon gracing our screens, we still think fondly on them, as they were our introduction to the Ton. This serving tray features pastels, the Bridgerton trademark tones, but has the wildness of its stems to match that of Simon, before Daphne helped to reign in his wonton ways. 

When we look upon this black frame, made to look just so like the fields of flowers that look so like those at Basildon Park, the florals inside lead us to thinking of Kate Sharma, that great beauty who so well charmed Anthony Bridgerton. The purples and greens are so alike to those colors she wears, and bring to mind her ethereal, perfect beauty. 

Showing just how varied things can look, even when sharing a frame color, this bursting design in our black frame makes us think of those ladies of the Featherington household, who love great contrast and vivid color. The yellows in this piece are just like those once worn by our dear Penelope, who has since found means and reason to change her appearance, and her wallflower nature. 

Penelope’s new wardrobe has flung away those tones loved by her mother, Lady Feathrington, and she has adopted cooler tones, which better match with her cherubic complexion and kindly manner. These coasters, much like the new Penelope, stand out and proudly, the softer tones still catch the eye. These certainly are not wallflowers, nor is our Pen any longer! 

Gentle reader, however you might feel about the journey that our favorites went through on this season of Bridgerton, we hope you have enjoyed this chance to peruse through some of our very favorite designs. We have so loved pairing characters with what they might receive as their preservation. Which of these would you choose for yourself? Take up your quill and let us know! 

Written by: Phaedra, an Element Preservation Designer

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