Digital Floral

Preserve your blooms, digitally!

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Digital Floral is the sister company of Element Preservation and is a way to digitally preserve your flowers.

Using photographs of pressed flowers from our digital library, we bring your original arrangement back to life through a digitally designed pressed work of art!

You send us a picture of your flowers and we will work with our inventory of digitized pressed florals to make the artwork of your dreams!

Step 1: You will send 2-3 photos of the fresh flower bouquet.

Step 2: Our digital design team analyzes photos and collects the best digitized pressed flowers from inventory to represent the fresh bouquet.

Step 3: The digital designer reassembles the bouquet as a one dimensional pressed flower art piece.

Step 4: The finished piece is printed and framed in the size of the client’s choice and prepared for shipment.

Step 5: Lastly, the final Digital Floral piece arrives at the client's doorstep.

No, we will use photos and pull from our library of digital pressed flowers to reassemble your bouquet as a pressed arrangement.

No, we will rely on photographs to recreate your sentimental bouquet as a pressed flower digital design.

This product takes 8-10 weeks to be analyzed, designed, and sent to your doorstep. 

More about digital floral

Our digital preservation is a more affordable option for symbolic art and opens the door to allow us to bring bouquets from 5 to 55 years ago back to life, through digital art.