Everything you need to know about

The Peony Experience


important timeline information

The turnaround time is dependent on the communication between Element Design and the client. If a client fails to respond within the timeline, the design team will have the ability to finish the preservation piece(s) in accordance with the company's current turnaround time of 6-12 months.


The Peony Experience is the most hands-on service provided, allowing you to have a say in the design of your finished preservation piece(s). You will have constant communication between our Design and Client Relations Team to ensure your preservation piece(s) are customized to your desires.

what to expect

1. Initial Peony Consult (Optional)

During your initial consultation, you will meet with Nikole, our Director of External Communications. There, you will discuss your wedding day and all the fun details. 

Next, you will go over the products that were purchased, you'll be able to see via zoom or in person the product itself along with some examples of pressed pieces that match your color palette. 

You will get an in-depth explanation on how to get your flowers to us, whether you are shipping them to our office or scheduling a drop off appointment.

Lastly, you'll get more information about what to expect during the Peony Experience. You'll go over a brief timeline of the order and our strict timeline for proofs and approvals.

2. Peony Design Session

"A design session must be scheduled within 2 months after receiving the email to schedule."

During your design session, you will go over the products that were purchased and share a bit about the event, such as overall aesthetic, color scheme and any day of photos.

You'll get reacquainted with your flowers as they are pressed. This is the BEST part! Jenni will show a view of the flowers all together and get into more detail with each flower variety.

You will go over any design expectations and inspiration based on photos from our website or social.

The session will wrap up with any further questions or requests and go over what the timeline will look like going forward.

3. Proofs

All proofs sent and revisions made must be completed within a 3 month timeline.

One proof will be sent with up to five revisions for any order. Each revision can be made via email, phone, or design follow-up with Jenni.

A photo will be sent of all finalized products before they are shipped out or ready for pick-up.

What can i do with the peony experience?

The peony experience can help in deciding the best frame option for your blooms, whether to add gold flakes or other additions, your favorite design style, or even allowing you to work closely with our design team to come up with a completely new design that you envisioned! (some examples can be found below)

Choosing a frame color

gold wood

This client was unsure which frame color she thought would fit her florals best, so she wanted a proof showing her pressed flower design with a gold wood frame and a black wood frame.

Black Wood

Final Preservation Piece

Choosing an addition

Without Gold Flakes

With Gold Flakes

Choosing a design style

Burst of Flowers Design

Burst style is our traditional design method for creating pressed artworks. Flowers are pressed on their face, with little to no stem visibility. Your flowers are quite literally designed as if they’re bursting out from the center of the frame to match your bouquet!⁠

Field Style Design

With field style, your wedding flowers find their way back to their natural habitat. Flowers are pressed on both their face and side with stems fully intact to give off the illusion of a blossoming field. This design method offers a more abstract approach to your framed flower preservation. It's like having your own personal flower field!⁠

Final Design

Choosing a design based on inspo

Inspiration picture

*This inspo pic is based off of our downloadable print: Found Here

Please keep in mind, this is not one of our standard designs. If you wish to have a unique design like this one you must add on the Peony Experience.

Final Design with flowers

Please keep in mind, this is not one of our standard designs. If you wish to have a unique design like this one you must add on the Peony Experience.