Top 10 Wedding Flower Trends for 2024

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As a bride-to-be, planning a wedding is an exciting endeavor. Finding the perfect dress, venue and flower arrangements can be a delicate balance between following the trends and working in your personal style.

If you're asking us at Element Preservation, flowers form an important part of the experience. From centerpieces and aisle decorations to the bridal bouquet, wedding flowers are what tie together the event's theme and create a cohesive look. We've rounded up our top 10 wedding flower trends of 2024We hope you find inspiration here for the perfect blend of trendy florals and your personal style.

Between colorful maximalist flower installations and petite and dainty bouquets, these wedding flower trends will give you ideas on how to mix and match different colors, sizes and textures to create a visually rich aesthetic that will awe your guests.

1. Light and Airy Florals

Wispy wildflowers and untamed gardens evoke a sense of grace and tranquility. These delicate and ethereal floral arrangements are characterized by soft colors, gentle textures and a romantic, whimsical feel.

The goal of using light and airy florals is to leave open space in arrangements with flowing flowers like clematis, tulips, Queen Anne's lace and other blooms known for the way they sit delicately within an arrangement. Bouquets and floral installations will feel lighter than more traditional types and give the impression that the flowers were freshly picked, creating a dreamy and elegant ambiance at your wedding. 

This type of bouquet also looks incredible as a field style frame or resin piece, as the design evokes the free flowing nature of these blooms.

2. Colors That Pack a Punch 

One of the most exciting wedding flower trends for 2024 is using vivid colors with contrasting details to create a strong visual statement. More and more couples are leaning away from neutrals and toward bold and striking color palettes to create an even brighter celebration. These florals typically feature unique combinations of different varieties and unusual hybrids of fairly common florals, opening the door to other color accents to push the boundaries.

We love seeing new variations on familiar flowers, as they are often more colorful and more petaled than their counterparts, such as certain varieties of lisianthus, one of the most popular wedding florals.

Another way to play with bright color combinations is by using contrasting ribbons or decorations. If you love your ribbons in combination with our flowers, let us know! We offer ribbon and textile inclusion to both our frame and resin products, so you can hold on to every single thing you loved about your special day.

If you are planning around a bright and color-focused bouquet, make sure to find the right balance of hues, contrasts and textures for a maximalist yet timeless aesthetic.

3. Dainty Wedding Bouquets

For a subtle and elegant look to your bouquet, you can use tiny blooms in your bouquet. Petite flowers can pack as much of a punch as oversized ones, especially if you're looking for a floral arrangement that won't detract from your attire and other decor.

Small and effortless wedding bouquets are designed to be light and charming, which are perfect for brides who prefer a minimalistic and understated floral style. Limit the bouquet to a few colors and flower types, such as an arrangement made entirely of Lily-of-the-Valley, or one that has a variety of flowers that are all white. These bouquets preserve beautifully, as they allow the chosen elements to really shine.

4. Towering Flower Installations

If you want to go beyond standard centerpieces and wow your guests, choose large, dramatic floral displays that reach great heights. Towering flower installations can be used as focal points or to help make the wedding venue space your own. These installations can feature cascading flowers or hanging blooms to create visually stunning and impactful designs. Orchids are a fantastic and elegant choice when choosing florals for this aesthetic.

Ask your venue for a walkthrough so you can check out the existing structures and learn what's permitted in terms of decorating. There may be a blank wall that's perfect for a large floral arrangement.

5. Long, Lean Centerpieces and Accent Flowers

Long and lean wedding flower centerpieces featured on a table


Floral arrangements with elongated shapes can create a sleek and elegant look with the right decor. You can feature long and lean centerpieces in slender vases to add a touch of sophistication and style to your tables.

Using accent flowers with simple and sleek long stems creates a classy look without much effort. Some great florals to achieve this look are larkspur, featuring a long stem with tiny intricate blooms, or single ranunculus buds, which have stems that grow long with gentle curves.

The goal of this clean and simplified design is to use little to no greenery and have the blooms speak for themselves.

6. Less Greenery

Another one of our favorite 2024 wedding flower trends is more simplified floral arrangements. There will be a shift from using typical greenery such as Italian ruscus and silver dollar eucalyptus as fillers to greenery that says more while using less. With these arrangements, the emphasis is on showcasing the beauty and colors of the flowers without relying heavily on green foliage for balance or structure.

Some things you can use in lieu of traditional greenery include:

  • Herb sprigs
  • Lavender
  • Wheat
  • Succulents

All of these options will complement any choice in blooms, and each element will be able to shine, both in the fresh bouquet and in a frame or resin piece.

7. Intertwining Non-Floral Elements

While we believe flowers are among the best parts of one's wedding day, we love seeing other elements mixed in with them. Adding non-floral elements to your wedding flowers can provide a unique and personalized touch.

Here are some fun things you can add to your flowers:

  • Edibles: Adding berries, fruits or vegetables can bring a pop of color and texture to bouquets and centerpieces.
  • Feathers or ribbons: Incorporate feathers for a bohemian touch or multiple elegant ribbons for a soft and romantic feel.
  • Paper: Paper flowers and origami creations will last longer than fresh flowers. Add a few sprigs of greenery to balance the arrangement and give it a natural feel.

The best part of incorporating items like these? You can preserve most of these alongside your flowers in a frame or resin piece. Feathers are an especially interesting addition to an Element Preservation design, and we love any design with a ribbon addition.

8. Cascading Florals

Cascading floral arrangements gently spill or flow downward in a waterfall-like fashion, creating a romantic and elegant look. These arrangements add a sense of movement and drama to the overall floral design of a bouquet and venue decor.

Along with classic cascading flowers such as orchids, amaranthus will be popular this year. This flower symbolizes immortality, as it lasts so long. Its Greek name has a few translations, including “eternal” and “everlasting," which makes it an ideal wedding flower and perfect for preservation.

9. Unique Centerpiece Vases

Eclectic vases will be taking center stage on tables this wedding season. Whether you decide to use ceramic, colored or patterned vases, have fun with it by either mixing centerpieces that share a common theme or the same style in different colors or patterns. You can collect vases from loved ones or take your bridal party for a fun day of looking through antique stores to find incredible, fun and unique pieces that speak to your wedding look.

If you want symmetry but are still interested in a more unique look, choose one style or color and use that same vase for all of your arrangements.

10. Asymmetry and Imperfections

Embrace the natural beauty of nature with asymmetrical bouquets rather than styling them into specific shapes or patterns. By using the flowers' organic form and movement, you'll create a relaxed and contemporary look and feel for your wedding. Asymmetric design is perfect for outdoor, rustic or bohemian-styled weddings, with creative opportunities to add other textures and elements.

Preserve Your Wedding Flowers With Element Design

While learning about trending wedding flowers can give you a variety of ideas for your special day, remember to choose flowers you love and that speak to you. Popular wedding flowers come and go, but your personal choice will never go out of style.

You can extend your beautiful wedding flowers' life span by preserving them after your wedding. Our team at Element Design creates preserved floral frames and resin items so you can have a lasting memory of your special day.

Learn more about how our preservation process works and explore our designs and collections for inspiration. We also have custom bundle deals if you simply can't choose! Schedule an appointment today to discover the perfect arrangements for your wedding.

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