Pressed Bouquet Shop

About Us

Element Design, formally Pressed Bouquet Shop, is dedicated to turning once-in-a-lifetime flowers into custom works of art, preserving the sentiment of wedding days and special occasions for clients across the country.

We are empowering local creatives by providing unique, engaging, and rewarding employment opportunities, connecting industry professionals through partnership opportunities while creating a community, and focusing on bettering our planet by consistently striving for more sustainable practices.

Modern Bouquet Preservation

We started making the products we wanted to see in the world, and we did this with an uncompromising approach to sustainability.

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Caring for our Earth

We strive to use sustainable materials in our packaging to reduce our carbon footprint, and we encourage you to do the same in your own homes. 

Our Sustainable Efforts

Humble Beginnings

Our story begins in a small shop with a small team. With nothing but passion and a dream, the Pressed Bouquet Shop brand was born.

How We Began

Flower-Loving Friends

We are a woman-owned small business that started as a hobby and quickly transformed into a team of flower-loving friends who inspire and empower each other every day.

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Connecting Industry Professionals

We are creating a community while connecting industry professionals through partnership opportunities.

Our Partner Vendors

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