Meet the team

Amelia | Founder + CEO

Hi friends!

I first discovered the beauty of pressed flowers when my grandmother gifted me a single pressed white rose. From that point on, I quickly realized that flowers with sentiment deserve to be saved, and so the Pressed Bouquet Shop was born.

Aside from managing the shop with my wonderful team I love to soak up the sunshine! I have two pups, Reagan & Athena (both of whom have my whole heart). If you've been following along from the beginning, you may have picked up on my love for interior design and decorating as well (hello showroom redesigns!).

My favorite thing about Element is my team. Everyone is so unique yet we all share a common ground of being ambitious, kind, and hardworking. 

Favorite Flower: Butterfly Ranunculus


Caitlin | Director of Operations

I love animals, especially horses and dogs. I've been a competitive equestrian, and now compete in dog shows with my Lakeland Terrier, Schuyler. My favorite part of working here is learning and evolving with our talented team!

Favorite Flower: Anemone

Nikole | Director of External Communications

My all time favorite snack is popcorn (sometimes with M&M's mixed in)! I also have a sweet baby dog named Mango. The best part about working at Element is how inspiring and kind everyone is!

Favorite Flower: Tulip

Abby | Production Manager

I love spending time with family and trying new foods! My favorite part about working at Element is the beautiful work we create and our incredible team!

Favorite Flower: Daffodil

Jenni | Creative Manager

I love to travel and experience different cultures. The best part about working at Element is our amazing staff and positive environment!

Favorite Flower: Scabiosa

Kristin | Marketing Coordinator

I vary between spending my time trying the newest go-to spots in the Lehigh Valley and curling up with a good book. My favorite thing about Element is how encouraging and supportive everyone is!

Favorite Flower: Rose

Creative Team

Phaedra | Frame Designer & Content writer

I can name every Tudor monarch and their consorts in order! My favorite thing about Element is the creative and collaborative environment.

Favorite Flower: Daffodil

Jackie | Frame Designer

I enjoy art, culture, and learning new things - I especially love Scandanavian culture. My favorite things about Element is seeing the fresh to pressed transformation in flowers.

Favorite Flower: Echeveria Succulent

Natalie | Frame Designer

I am an artist working towards becoming a Mortician/Funeral Director. I am a huge film buff, also! I'm lucky to work in a creative environment surrounded by kind and helpful individuals.

Favorite Flower(s): Hellebore & Blue Delphinium

Maria | Resin Specialist

Hi, I'm Maria! I love spending time with my family and listening to music. What I love about Element is the AMAZING team. Everyone is so friendly, helpful, and kind.

Favorite Flower: Lily

Production Team

Safran | Quality Lead

My main hobby is performing folk music, and researching the rich history behind it. The best thing about working at Element is being surrounded by so many inspiring artists!

Favorite Flower: Snake's Head Fritillary

Hannah | Product Packager

I enjoy drawing, playing video games, and collecting rocks. I love being surrounded by fellow artists that I appreciate and admire at Element!

Favorite Flower: Wisteria

Kristina | Flower Preservation Specialist

I enjoy nature, being with animals especially my nine animal friends and close humans, reading, kayaking, adventuring, learning, music, crafting, and my plant apothecary. Working at Element is the best because the people and environment is uplifting, creative, understanding and meaningful. 

Favorite Flower: Hydrangea

Jacy | Flower Preservation Specialist

I spend most of my free time running after my adventurous little boy Lucas and dabbling in various crafts and hobbies. I love to read, travel, and try new things! My favorite thing about working at Element is getting to help preserve memories for clients and seeing all of the beautiful bouquets and creations! 

Favorite Flower: Carnation (pink, especially!)

Mango | Team Support Pup

Woof woof! I'm Mango! My favorite thing about Element is hanging out with my pawesome friends.

Favorite Flower: Tulips (just like my mom, Nikole!)