Modern Bouquet Preservation


Please take a moment to review some of our most frequently asked questions.

Overnight shipping is strongly encouraged for bouquets that are not sent the day after the wedding. Fresh bouquets must be sent within 5 business days after the wedding.

During shipment, some flowers may brown or lose petals. Overnight shipment can reduce the risk of this occurring. While we will not reject a bouquet if it is sent with standard shipping, please note that the flowers will always be worked with in the condition that they are received. We suggest using UPS or FedEx for all shipments. 

Shipping instructions can be viewed prior to placing your order here! Your order confirmation email will include detailed shipping instructions as well. 

DRIED bouquets: We would suggest using bubble wrap or crumpled newspaper to lightly place the bouquet within the packaging materials. Overnight shipping is not necessary for a dried bouquet. A short clip on how to pack a dried bouquet can be found here!

We recommend looking into discounted shipping services such as Shippo and Pirate Ship. Some of our clients have saved up to 60% off retail price for shipping labels by using these discounted services. Users can easily create an account and print out a discounted shipping label at home.

Please note, Element is not affiliated or endorsed by these services, however, we will always share saving opportunities with our clients when applicable.

You can also get an estimate on overnight shipping costs by using UPS's shipping calculator tool and our zip code, 18042.

At this time we do not currently accept orders from outside of the United States. However, if you are getting married within the U.S. and have a relative with a U.S. address, we can ship your finished pressed bouquet to them.

Yes! If you're local or within driving distance of our shop, you can absolutely schedule a bouquet drop-off or finished order pick-up.

We suggest waiting until the following Monday to ship your flowers to our office. We are closed on weekends and will only receive flower deliveries during our hours of operation. Please be aware of holidays and our planned store closings. While waiting to ship, keep the stems in water and the bouquet / floral arrangement(s) in a cool, dark place. If possible, store the bouquet in the fridge (keep the bouquet in the front or middle of the fridge to avoid any moisture dripping on the flowers)!

Please ensure to reach out to our Client Relations Team within a week of sending in your bouquet with any special requests that may not have been mentioned during purchase. If we do not hear from you within that week, our designers will use their professional expertise to create your items beautifully with any items or flowers you provided. Please reference our Ordering Guide for guidance on what flowers are needed for each product.

No, we do not ship back any glass vases or other items that may be used to hold or decorate your bouquet stems. If you have a special request to include charms, pins, or other items in your design, please contact our Client Relationship Team ( prior to shipping your bouquet to confirm if it will be possible to include these items.

If you wish to keep items that cannot be included in the design, please remove them from the bouquet prior to shipping. Extra items sent without confirmation from our team will be discarded upon intake.

When shipping your bouquet to our shop, please follow our shipping instructions to learn how to properly pack your bouquet.

No, we do not require a reservation or a deposit before placing your order. Simply add the preservation items you’d like to your cart, check-out, and ship your bouquet to us! Detailed shipping instructions will be provided via email once your order has been placed.

Yes, we do! We offer complimentary in-person and virtual consultations for all prospective clients. During your consultation, we will discuss best florals for preservation, our product options, and get a better understanding of your end vision.

Click here to schedule your complimentary consultation!

The Peony Experience is an add-on service for a hands-on approach to your floral preservation experience. Your main points of contact will be our Client Relations Manager and Creative Manager for your preservation order.

Our current turnaround time is 6-12 months from when the flowers arrive at our office. Please note that this is subject to change at any time.

All flowers change slightly when preserved in resin due to the chemical reaction with the natural petals. Most often we notice white flowers having a more yellow hue, and single-layer flowers with transparency. Other changes may occur due to the nature of the process.

We are not able to preserve flowers that are not fresh. These flowers include wooden flowers, artificial flowers, or flowers that have been preserved prior to the event date. If you are unsure if your flowers can be pressed, please reach out to our client relations team and provide a list of flowers.

Yes! Not only do we preserve wedding bouquets, but we also preserve your custom floral arragements for any event or occasion such as a funeral, memorial, prom and homecoming, graduation, etc. Browse our custom collections for frame, resin, and bundle deals.

Yes! Although we cannot press your flowers, we can use the dried petals in your original bouquet to create petal confetti style resin pieces. We can turn your bouquet into a custom set of coasters, a resin display tray, resin ring dish, resin ornament or a resin serving tray.

Alternatively we can recreate your bouquet using fresh flowers from our partner florist to use in any of our custom preservation options. Please email our client relations team at to learn more and get the process started!

We understand that you may decide you want to keep your florals after you see them in person on your wedding day! We are happy to accept last-minute orders for bouquet preservations. Orders can be placed from 6 months in advance, up to the week of the wedding.

Flowers must arrive within 5 business days after your wedding.

The cost of your preserved piece(s) is listed on each individual product listing. Taxes and shipping of the final frame are included at checkout.

The other additional cost to consider is shipping the fresh florals to Easton, PA with Zip Code: 18042. 

You can estimate the cost of your shipment by using UPS's shipping calculator tool. The average weight of a single bouquet is around 5 lbs.

Each frame design is protected by 99% coated UV glass. However, due to the fact that we are working with real florals, the pigmentation in your bouquet will naturally fade overtime. We do not use any paint, dye, or color enhancements in our preservation process. We appreciate the natural pigmentation and textures in your bouquet, and reflect that in our designs. 

Additionally, the clarity in resin pieces may fade to represent an antiqued amber color, which is a common occurrence in any resin product. 

While your bouquet display may arrive vibrant and colorful, it will likely fade overtime. In order to keep it looking as close to the original as possible for as long as possible, we suggest keeping the display away from bright lighting and sunlight. Each flower will fade/discolor at different rates, but keeping the display in a temperature controlled, dimly lit space will help to extend the color of the pressed blooms. 

We do not use any paint, dye, or color enhancements in our preservation process. We appreciate the natural pigmentation and textures in your bouquet, and reflect that in our designs. Due to the fact that we are working with real florals, the pigmentation in your bouquet will naturally fade overtime. Check out our blogs to learn more about color change and what to expect from your flowers over the years!

Yes, we can! When pressed, white flowers tend to shift to a beautiful blonde/cream color. We are happy to press your all white bouquet into a framed artwork or functional resin keepsake. We recommend choosing our float frame option, rather than our archival grade background when making your frame selection to showcase the beauty of your white bouquet.

Yes, as of 10/23/23, we are able to include additions such as invitations, ribbon, and charms to our resin serving trays. Please see each individual resin product listing for available additions.

As of 10/23/23, you may select a boutonniere as an addition when purchasing your product. If selected, the ribbon from your boutonniere will be included in the final frame or resin design.

Absolutely! Each registry is different so we suggest reaching out to the company you are using and ask the best way to add our items! 

Yes, the Pressed Bouquet Shop works with Rich Mar Florist to recreate bouquets based on photos of the original florals and greenery. There is no additional charge for this service, except the cost of the flowers and greens which will be paid to the Pressed Bouquet Shop when the order is placed. Please keep in mind that we try to source the best matching flowers for your recreation. Seasons, geographical location, and other obstacles may affect the overall appearance of the recreation.

If you are considering this option, please email us a few photos of your original bouquet to get started at

We will follow up in a few days with a quote from our florist, and the next steps in creating your beautiful keepsake!

All of our pieces are thoughtfully packaged in 100% cotton canvas totes. These totes are stylish, yet durable and make the perfect sustainable alternative to gift wrapping paper. 

Although we take great care to package our pieces with as much protection as possible, we understand that damage may occur during shipping transportation. 

In the event that this occurs, we ask that you leave the piece as is and reseal the box. We will send you a prepaid return label, repair the frame at our shop, and send it back to you as soon as possible.

Yes! We totally understand the need to redecorate a space or switch up your style. Please email us at to discuss our reframing options + cost.

For physical gift cards, we will ship the card(s) via USPS to the shipping address provided when placing your order.

If you would like the Pressed Team to fill out the "To" and "From" section on the gift card, specify these credentials in the order notes section when checking out. If not, those sections will be left blank intentionally.

We take great care with our work and hope that you will love your Pressed Bouquet Shop designs for many years!

Because our products are custom made for each client, we do not offer refunds once your flowers are received by our shop. If you have a question or concern about your order, please reach out to our Client Relations Team at and we’ll do our best to ensure you’re happy with your products! If you have placed your order but decide not to proceed with your bouquet preservation, orders may be canceled up until we receive your flowers. Within 24 hours of purchase, orders may be canceled for a full refund. After 24 hours, a 20% holding fee will be deducted from the refund.

We do not offer refunds on ready-ship items, events/workshops, service-level experiences, or gift cards.