how we began

Our Story

How it Started…

The groundwork for the Pressed Bouquet Shop started in a small attic in Bethlehem, PA. In 2018, founder and CEO, Amelia, started pressing and framing zinnias from her garden as a side-hobby while working full time in digital marketing for a global chemical company. While initially creating artworks from her garden blooms, she noticed that flowers have the ability to hold immense sentimental value; and they deserved to be preserved. And so, the Pressed Bouquet Shop was born. 

…to How it Progressed…

Fast forward to 2020, and PBS was operating out of Amelia’s garage. At this point, PBS was accepting bouquets from couples across the country - and the garage was filled to the brim with flowers. It was time to give PBS a proper home, and find extra helping hands!

Our first official home

By the end of 2020, PBS officially had a home in Easton, PA and a few extra sets of hands. What was essentially a one room storefront, was now converted into half storefront, half studio space. And it worked…until summer of 2021 hit. Every square inch of space was put to use, the team was rapidly growing, and to put it quite simply - bouquets were bursting through the seams of our one room studio. 

…to Now.

The Pressed Bouquet shop is now based in Allentown, PA in a nearly 6,000 square foot facility. Our team includes administrators, preservationists, and designers - and we all have one common goal: to turn your once-in-a-lifetime florals into lasting works of art. We pride ourselves on quality craftsmanship, preserved with care and intention by our team of flower loving friends. 

Interested in preserving your memories? Explore our full collection of bouquet preservation options.