Service level Packages


All of our custom products offer service level packages for your modern-day floral preservation experience. Whether you are looking for a hands-on or relaxed service, we have the package for you.

The Peony Experience is designed for individuals looking for extra communication during the preservation process, while the Rose Experience is ideal for clients who do not want to be involved with the process, rather let our designers take the lead. Our Tulip Experience is always is complimentary and designed for those only looking for communication when necessary.

**Unless otherwise purchased at checkout, the Tulip Experience will be automatically assigned to each product purchased.**

These service levels are effective as of August 18, 2022. Updated March 13, 2023.

Peony Experience (Tier Three)

The Peony Experience is an all-encompassing, customer experience that will enable constant communication between the Design and Client Relations Team, for a finished preservation piece(s), customized to your desires. 

This package includes a more hands-on preservation experience. What to expect:

  1. A one-on-one consultation with our Client Relations Manager
  2. A call from our Client Relations Team once your bouquet or floral arrangement arrives at our shop
  3. After the bouquet and florals are professionally pressed, you will be prompted to schedule a virtual or an in-person meeting with our Creative Manager, Jenni, to explain what flowers are most important and where they’d like everything to be placed. During this time, you can discuss what you would like to see in your finished product. This is for both frame and resin designs.
  4. We will send one proof with up to five revisions for any order.
  5. A photo will be sent of all finalized products before they are shipped out or ready for pick-up.

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Rose Experience (Tier Two)

A mid-level experience for our clients.

With this experience, you will add “insurance” to your order to allow our design team to supplement flowers when needed. This is perfect for the client who wants their finished piece(s) to more closely reflect the fresh bouquet by replacing blooms that are no longer looking their best. With this package, our designers will swap out any of your original flowers (that have had significant browning or dramatic color change*) with replacement flowers so the most beautiful pressed flowers are used in the final piece. 

Please keep in mind that some flowers may not be able to be replaced due to sourcing availability (seasonal, rare varieties, etc).

*More often than not, flowers will change color depending on their natural pigmentation. Additionally, while your bouquet display may arrive vibrant and colorful, it will likely fade over time.

Note: If the design team feels they cannot create a product with the quality of flowers that have arrived, we reserve the right to reach out to you for a full recreation, where additional costs may be incurred.

Tulip Experience (Tier One)

Our signature service, included with all custom orders. Ideal for the client wanting a more relaxed flower preservation experience. With this package, we will always use ONLY your flowers in the finished design(s).

The Tulip Experience includes an optional, virtual or in-person complimentary consultation before ordering your custom preservation piece, access to our client relations team throughout the process, and a notification email of when the order has shipped.

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