Dried Petal Confetti Resin Serving Tray with Handles | 12x16
Dried Petal Confetti Resin Serving Tray with Handles | 12x16
Dried Petal Confetti Resin Serving Tray with Handles | 12x16
Dried Petal Confetti Resin Serving Tray with Handles | 12x16

Dried Petal Confetti Resin Serving Tray with Handles | 12x16

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Looking to preserve your already-dried wedding bouquet? Our petal confetti resin serving tray is the answer!

Cherish a fresh or dried bouquet by transforming it into this functional piece of home decor. Practical, durable, and elegant your flowers will shine for years to come in this beautiful preservation option. 

A few of our favorite uses for this versatile serving tray include:

  • Ottoman tray
  • Drink tray
  • Food serving tray or drink transport tray 
  • Bar cart topper
  • Makeup tray
  • Coffee table tray
  • Vanity decor
  • Kitchen island display


  • 16”x12”x2” dimensions
  • Handles available in gold, black, or silver


*While this resin serving tray is durable, we do not recommend placing heavy or fragile items (>1lb) on it, as this may run the risk of damaging your personal items or the tray itself. Resin is a smooth surface, therefore items may slide or roll off the tray. This new tray offering is equipped with edges to minimize the risk of items sliding off the sides. 

*As of 10/23/23, we are able to include additions such as invitations, ribbon, charms, and a boutonniere. We can only add items such as wooden cake toppers at the designer's discretion. Any items that cannot be used will be sent back with your finished order.

*Not suitable for direct contact with food. 

*Over time, resin’s crystal clear appearance may fade to an antiqued amber color. This is a common occurrence in any resin product.

*This product is made with love by real human hands, therefore quirks are a possibility. Microbubbles between petals and greenery are a common occurrence when working with resin. 

The Peony Experience is designed for individuals looking for extra communication during the preservation process. With this add-on service and additional cost, you will receive a hands-on approach to your floral preservation experience, including design proofs for both frame and resin pieces. This is an all-encompassing, client experience that prioritizes constant communication between our Client Relations Team and our Creative Manager for a finished, sentimental piece, customized to your tastes.

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