ACOTAR Couples And Their Pressed Pieces

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 Written By: Phaedra, an Element Designer

A Court of Thorns and Roses is one of the most popular romance-fantasy series out there. We know, because about half our team has gotten obsessed with it in the past year. We have loved reading about the various couples, and then dishing about them with our fellow readers as we craft our floral preservation designs. As we work and chat about our favorite pairings, we’ll notice just how well matched some of the bouquets would be to some of the couples. We imagine that there are plenty of other folks out there who are just as into the world of Prythian as we are, so we thought we’d share some of our ideas about our favorite Fae and their florals! We’ll include couples that are definitely a thing, as well as one we hope to see form in the upcoming books!  

This whole post will contain spoilers for the entire ACOTAR series so proceed with caution if you haven’t read all the books! 

Feyre and Tamlin

Pressed flowers encased in a large frame on an easel against a white linen backdrop.

Feyre, along with the readers, is introduced to the world of the Fae through the magical, beautiful, and dangerous Spring Court. Tamlin, her first love, dazzles her with the finery of his Court. The setting is part of what attracted so many of us at Element Preservation to the series. The pair didn’t get to have a wedding in the first book, as the evil Amarntha stole Tamlin away to Under the Mountain, where Feyre must go and use all of her wits to save him. Had the two been able to have their dream wedding in that first book, flowers would have definitely played a huge role! Feyre loved the gardens of the Spring Court, and would have had a ball selecting the best of the roses 16x20 frame, including color changing quicksand roses (things do change pretty drastically for Feyre…) in a natural wood frame

Feyre and Rhysand 

Large black frame with pressed flowers and a date on it with a boutonniere in the corner against a white background.

We have to start off with the couple that made ACOTAR the phenomenon that it is, the incomparable High Lord and Lady of the Night Court. Feyre and Rhys are absolutely couple goals. Not only are they gorgeous and powerful, they can literally read each other’s minds, fight battles together, and are the mom and dad of the Inner Circle, the nickname given to the friend group who run the Night Court from the city of Velaris. With Feyre and Rhys being as connected as they are, we know that Feyre would make sure they were both represented by including his boutonniere in a classic 16x20 frame, along with a vinyl date to fully commemorate the special day. This black frame would be Rhysand’s choice, and that the florals would be all Feyre (with some advice from Elaine). We think the baby’ breath resembles star light, perfect for the High Lord and Lady of the Night Court. 

Nesta and Cassian 

Pressed flowers in resin coasters against white linen.

This couple was a slower burn than Feyre and Rhys, but they are on fire following A Court of Silver Flame. Nesta’s quick temper and intellect and Cassian’s jovial nature and overall strength are well matched. She gets him going and he knows how to calm her. These two don’t mind getting dirty as they train together, but both clean up well. Cassian would be the one to mention preservation in the first place, in hopes of providing Nesta with something more sentimental than she could have imagined for herself. We’re pretty sure Nesta would be more focused on making sure she could give her sisters, Feyre and Elaine, and her besties, Gwyn and Emerie, bridesmaid’s gifts. This set of hexagon coasters absolutely fit with Nesta’s fiery personality, and make perfect gifts to her bridal party, as they will absolutely think of Nesta and her power over flames when using them.  

Amren and Varian 

Pressed flowers in a resin ring dish with jewelry on top against white linen.

Amren and Varian don’t have as much time on the page as some of the others on this list, but what we do see of them makes us swoon. Amren, a mysterious entity in the body of a High Fae, is full of dry wit and a penchant for luxury. Varyian, her lover from the Summer Court, keeps up with her sass and never seems to show up to visit without a lavish gift. We hope the two of them go the distance, and that we see more glimpses into their sweet love story. We think they would go for something elegant, but useful, like a ring dish for all of Amren’s many jewels. She would love to pile all of her treasures upon the flowers present at her nuptials. Amren isn’t a big “nature girlie” we’d say– we imagine Vayrian wearing a simple boutonniere, which they would be sure to preserve, but, to us,  Amren would forgo a traditional bouquet of flowers for something like holding a rope of the finest pearls in her hands. 

Elaine and Lucien 

Large pressed flower frame designed in a field like design on an easel against a white linen backdrop.

Though Elaine has not yet accepted the mating bond between the two of them, readers are hoping to see the two of them make it work. Lucien is head over heel for sweet tempered, flower loving Elaine. Some of us in the office think that Lucien’s caring, if a little feisty at times, nature would be a perfect compliment to Elaine’s quiet softness. If the two ever tied the knot, we think Elaine would absolutely adore choosing which flowers to carry down the aisle to her mate, and would be so excited to preserve them in a 16x20 frame. As for what she’d order, we’re certain that our Elaine would be all over the field style frames, as one would evoke her beloved gardens, where we imagine all of the flowers would have come from. 

Elaine and Azriel 

Pressed flowers designed in a field like design inside a resin serving tray against concrete.

Despite being mated to Lucien, some readers believe that Azriel is the perfect partner for Elaine. The mysterious Spy Master is one of the three best friends that make up what fans have dubbed “the Bat Boys”, the trio of Rhysand, Cassian, and Azriel. Because Rhys and Cassian are paired with the two other Archeron sisters, readers have speculated that Sarah J Maas may have more in store when it comes to this pairing. As for their wedding flowers? Well, we imagine they would be a different palette than Elaine and Lucien’s would be, to better compliment the vastly different relationship that Azriel and Elaine would have. We still think she’d go with a field style, but in a serving tray instead of a frame. Azriel would probably use it to make sure she had breakfast in bed every Sunday and special occasion, as he would absolutely love doting on his sweet wife. 

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