What to Know About White Roses

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Written by: Phaedra, a Pressed Bouquet Shop Designer

White roses are truly icons of any wedding bouquet. We sure love them here at the Pressed Bouquet Shop! Their snowy petals are beautiful when fresh and look gorgeous in any frame or resin design. However, the pressing process will change them from a bright, crisp white, to a gentle, blonde tone. Color change, when it comes to white roses, is inevitable, but we know you’ll find them to be just as beautiful. The best way to help your to-be-preserved roses look stunning after pressing is to get your blooms to our office as quickly as possible, so we can work our magic and minimize natural browning that may occur as they lose their freshness. The best way to keep your pressed roses looking their best is to keep your frame or resin keepsake out of direct sunlight and away from humidity. Over the years, white roses will continue to slowly change as they naturally age. 

There are several types of white rose, each with their unique quirks that make preserving them all the more special. Listed here are some of the varieties we see the most often and how you can expect them to look when they are back in your hands!

1. Garden Roses (Juliet Roses)

These petal-dense beauties are the belles of the ball! These roses are stunning, with buttery inner petals. When we press these roses on their face, this warm tone in the center is more apparent than when fresh, as the petals have been opened. The outer petals and the edges keep more of their whiteness, making for a very subtle ombre. Garden rose petals are also very thin and delicate, allowing us to see the texture in the veins of their petals, with a lovely raindrop shape.   

 Garden rosePressed garden rose

Garden rose frame example

2. Ivory Roses (Moonstone Roses)

Ivory roses, sometimes called Moonstone roses, are a fantastic addition to any bouquet, with a gentle off-white color when fresh. The outer petals have a green hue, matching their stems. When these are pressed open, the green is just a lovely hint at the edges. This shade of white rose adapts easily to being pressed, going a little blonder once all moisture has been removed. The relatively thick, hearty petals develop a deeper blonde look over time. 

Ivory rose

Ivory rose frame example

3. Playa Blanca

A soft white flower, the Playa Blanca is a lovely, fresh white. These are one of the most common white rose varieties we see. These are pure as snow, so they are without the natural tones of the white garden or Moonstone varieties. The petals are slightly pointed at the edges, giving these elegant flowers a little extra something. These petals are all white, inside and out, and when pressed they more uniformly change to a light blonde. 

Playa Blanca roses

Playa Blanca resin preservation pieces

4. Mondial Roses

Mondials can come in either a very pale pink or in a stunning stark white. These roses are a little larger than the average, with rounded petals. They sure do look brilliant in any design. These, like the ivory roses, are just off white when pressed. These roses appear monochrome. 

Mondial roses

Mondial rose example

5. Spray Roses

While spray roses come in just about every color, we’re here to talk about the white ones. These adorable additions to a bouquet are so sweet. These change in a very similar way to the Playa Blanca, adopting a gentle blonde hue. We love these little roses and the detail they add to any piece. 

Spray roses

Spray roses in preservation pieces

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