Choosing The Experience Package That Is Right For You

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 Written by: Phaedra, a Pressed Bouquet Shop Designer

We want your preservation experience to be the one that suits you and your style the best! This is why we have created a few options for you- from completely hands-off, to being a part of the creation of your preservation keepsake. With each level of service, you will receive a gorgeous and sentimental piece of art. No matter what you choose, know your flowers are in great hands with our team of artists and preservation specialists! 

The Tulip Experience 

Every purchase of a bespoke keepsake includes the Tulip Experience. This process is totally hands-off for you. You can simply give us your flowers and get lost in newly wedded bliss, while we work our magic. When you select this experience, our team will work with your flowers in the condition they are received, meaning that your piece will contain nothing but the very flowers you held on your special day. Included with the Tulip Experience is an optional 15 minute consultation, virtual or in person, done before placing your order, which you can easily schedule on our website. You can email our client relations manager throughout the process should any questions arise, and you will receive an email notification when your finished piece or pieces are shipped. This experience will be automatically added to your order at checkout, unless you have selected The Rose or Peony Experiences

Tulip package

The Rose Experience

Weddings and other events can do a number on the florals, whether a hug crushes a boutonniere or your roses sit in the sun a little too long. Maybe, it took a couple days for your flowers to arrive at our Allentown location, and you’ve already noticed some wilting. When you select the Rose Experience, you are adding a level of insurance to your order, so no matter what happens before your flowers arrive, when they do, our team of preservation specialists will have the ability to replace up to $49 worth of flowers. This service is also perfect for our clients concerned that the color of their flowers will change dramatically. More on color change can be found here. The Rose Experience ensures that the final design captures the overall look and color of your fresh flowers. 

Rose Experience

The Peony Experience

For our clients with a specific vision, we have provided a way to get you involved with the creation of your pieces. Our highest level of service, the Peony Experience, gives you access to our Creative Manager, Jenni, and the two of you will work together to create the designs of your dreams. This service includes the Rose Experience, so you can rest assured only the most beautiful blooms will be used. You are able to have a longer form consultation directly with Jenni, where you’ll have the opportunity to see exactly how your flowers pressed. The two of you will be able to discuss, in depth, what you envision your final pieces to look like, and you can share any inspirations you have found. Jenni will take all she’s learned to create a beautiful design. Afterward, you will receive a photo proof of your design and the ability to weigh in with any changes and revisions. When the design is just as you dreamed, our team will finalize your order, send you a photo of the final products, and it’s ready for shipment or pick up! 

Peony Experience

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