What Are the Best Ways to Preserve Flowers?

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Bridal bouquets have been a significant part of weddings for centuries. They started as a wedding tradition in ancient Rome and still serve as a centerpiece for many bridal ensembles today. Considering the bride does 72% of all wedding planning, the chances are good that you've chosen each bloom carefully and created a unique grouping of fresh flowers for your special day. 

Flowers are unique because their beauty is transient. When they feature in your wedding bouquet, they have reached the pinnacle of their beauty. Instead of losing that beauty, you may want to find the best way to preserve flowers. One way is to create functional and decorative artworks you can keep for many years. 

Why Preserve Your Bridal Flowers?

Your wedding is a moment you want to relive over and over again. The day is full of laughter, joy, and connections with friends and family. Before you know it, the day has ended, and you're looking for mementos you can keep for the rest of your life. 

Your wedding bouquet is the centerpiece of your bridal ensemble. It accompanies you through every joyful moment of your wedding day. As the final moments come to a close, many brides hesitate to let it go. Exploring different ways to save your flowers means you have lasting reminders of every special moment. You can keep them, display them in your home, and give them as gifts to notable wedding attendees.

5 of the Best Methods to Preserve Flowers

There are many ways to save flowers. You can create pressed flower arrangements in frames or resin, turn them into useful keepsakes, and display them in your home. The following options allow you to cherish your bouquet with custom artwork using the flowers you carried on your wedding day.

1. Press and Frame Your Flowers

You can turn your flowers into a stunning work of art to hang in your home. Every time you walk past, the frame transports you back to the joy of your wedding. You can select the flowers from the bouquet you want to preserve — or even preserve the entire bouquet — and have the blooms professionally pressed and framed. The finished product is an elegant, organic artwork you can frame to match your home's aesthetic. We offer bundle deals, so you are able to have an entire gallery wall dedicated to your floral memories! Make the most of all your wedding flowers with an in-home gallery You can also create a triptych — a set of three panels designed to be appreciated together. This option is a fantastic way to celebrate flowers from your bridal bouquet, bridesmaid bouquets, and centerpiece. This simple and elegant design turns your home into a wedding gallery, adding an elegant touch and creating a piece of art everyone will appreciate. 

Pressing and framing are some of the best ways to preserve a flower bouquet in its entirety. It is easy, and you have various aesthetic options to create a timeless keepsake, such as our vinyl date addition. Compared to the flowers' cost, pressing and framing is a relatively cost-effective way to memorialize these once-in-a-lifetime blooms. 

2. Turn Them Into a Serving Tray

Turning wedding flowers into a serving tray

Imagine having breakfast in bed on a tray that displays the flowers you held on the happiest day of your life. Custom resin flower products give you the option to make your flowers functional. You can combine your bridal flowers with other mementos from your special day, such as ribbons, charms, an invitation, or a boutonniere.

Use your bridal bouquet wedding tray for lazy Sunday breakfasts, Valentine's Day meals, and other special occasions. Functional flower preservation items like this one remind you of the magic every time you use it, creating an elegant keepsake you can bring out whenever you need a special reminder. 

3. Make Coasters or Resin Catchalls 

One of the best ways to preserve flowers in resin is to put them in coasters or jewelry holders. Choose select flowers for each coaster to create a complementary and unique set you can use whenever you need a happy reminder. You can add flowers from your bridesmaids' bouquets, wedding table flowers, or bridal crown to add some extra memories. We offer circles, hexagons, and square (and love the idea of mixing and matching if you are ordering multiple sets!). 

If you prefer a more portable option, one of the best ways to save flowers is with a ring dish. Keep your wedding rings safe alongside other precious accessories, and let the elegant simplicity remind you of your happiest day. Offered in the same three shapes as our coaster sets, ring dishes make an excellent addition to any order. You can even create his-and-her options with your bouquet and boutonniere and display them side by side as a reminder of your union. Whenever you take your ring, you can combine sentiment with functionality, preserving the tiny details of your wedding bouquet and keeping them close to your heart. 

We also offer display trays, which are long and lean and offer a beautiful way to display all of your special jewelry, keys, coins, or even perfumes and skincare products. 

4. Preserve Invitations or Photos Alongside Florals

One of our newest offerings is our Paper Preservation line, which allows you to highlight any paper item, such as your invitation, photos, or even handwritten vows in a 10x10 frame. Offered in four different design styles, our designers will add delicate blooms at the corners of the paper, just enough to offer a peak at the florals that made the day so special. 

You can choose to add custom florals from your arrangement, which we suggest if you order this in addition to other products. If your wedding has passed, we can pull florals from our inventory, meaning you don't have to worry about mailing us any florals! 

5. Get a Little Bit of Everything

When deciding on the best method to preserve flowers proves challenging, consider getting a bit of everything! Cherish your wedding memories with a combination of decorative and functional pieces. You can get a frame, display tray, coasters, and a ring dish to fill your home with memories of your wedding day. You can include flowers from your own bouquet, your husband's boutonniere, bridesmaids' flowers, a centerpiece, and even a floral crown.

This option allows you to maximize the use of your flowers and create lasting memories from your original investment in fresh flowers. When you work with a team of inspired creatives, you gain incredible works of art and turn sentimental moments into tangible memories.


Make Lasting Wedding Memories With Element Design

Finding ways to preserve flowers brings your wedding home and scatters elegant memories of your special day in the spaces that matter. Since 2018, Element Design has turned once-in-a-lifetime bouquets into lasting works of art, helping you preserve your most important memories in functional and aesthetically pleasing ways. 

We understand the sentimental value of your wedding flowers, which is why our experts preserve them with care and intention to create your bespoke mementos. Our professional artisans will handcraft your preservation and work with you every step of the way to ensure the finished product is everything you imagined. Shop our designs online or schedule your appointment today to experience the Element Design difference. 

 Making lasting memories and art with wedding bouquet preservation

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