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There is something undeniably beautiful about winter. The possibility of glistening snow, the crisp air, and the soft light create a perfect backdrop for a winter wonderland wedding. Floral arrangements and curated bouquets complete the picturesque scene. 

With snow-laden ground and white, bare trees, many people do not associate winter with color. Luckily, flowers provide the hues you need to enhance your seasonal theme! We believe the perfect winter wedding bouquets will complement your style and theme — and there is an abundance of flowers to work with. Without further ado, we present the best blooms for your winter wedding. 

Best Winter Wedding Flowers

The ideal flowers may bloom during the colder months or have long-lasting blooms. These winter flowers for a wedding are our top picks.


In Greek mythology, Amaryllis was a love-struck lady who so longed for her love interest, Alteo, that she pierced her heart with a golden arrow and visited him every day until he loved her, too! Thankfully, the story has a happy ending — beautiful flowers lined the path to Alteo's house, Amaryllis was healed, and the two fell in love. 

With this striking story as a backdrop, it is no wonder that amaryllis is the perfect flower for a winter bouquet that makes a statement. This striking flower has big, beautiful trumpet-shaped petals. It comes in an assortment of captivating colors, from vivid reds to popping pinks. 

Surprisingly, amaryllis — commonly known as an Easter lily or belladonna lily — is a tropical plant, but it is hardy and blooms in late winter in the right climate. In colder climates, amaryllis is grown indoors. The flowers are ideal for use in bouquets because they are long-lasting when cut.


Camellias are flowering evergreen shrubs and are often called the "Queen of Winter Blooms." They have lush, colorful blooms, long stems, and glossy leaves. There are thousands of varieties!

This genus of flowers is prized for its beauty. Camellia flowers symbolize everything from love and passion to desire and devotion. They are also Alabama's state flower, making them a fitting choice for Southern brides. 

Narcissus Paperwhite

Narcissus paperwhites are winter-blooming flowers, making them a top choice for seasonal weddings. Daffodils also belong to the Narcissus genus, named after a young man in Greek mythology known for his beauty. Paperwhites resemble daffodils but feature smaller blooms that add a lovely touch to delicate bouquets and table arrangements. 

While daffodils are colorful and dainty, paperwhites appear exactly as their name suggests — delicate and white. With just a small pop of yellow at the center of the flower, the fragrant paperwhite is an ideal choice if you want a clean, elegant look. 

Narcissus paperwhites for winter weddings

Phalaenopsis Orchid

The orchid is timeless and luxurious. These alluring blooms are associated with beauty, love, and prestige. Part of their mystique is that their origins can be traced back 85 million years. They are also incredibly diverse, with more than 28,000 reported species. However, the orchid's popularity likely has more to do with its undeniably striking appearance. 

Orchids come in various captivating, exotic forms — some have big, angular petals, others are elongated and sloping, and some are delicately frilled and ruffled. It is also a vibrant flower, ranging from pure white and powdery pink to shocking electric blue and purple. Phalaenopsis orchids, or moth orchids, have long, leafy stems and long-lasting flowers. 

These flowers are among the best flowers for a winter wedding, as they can bloom year-round. Thanks to their diverse shades, they are also incredibly versatile for adding to bridal bouquets. One thing is certain — they are the ultimate flower for sophistication!


If you love dramatic contrasts, poinsettias are the plants for you! These traditional Christmas plants are known for their large green leaves and bright red flowers, though you may also see white poinsettias. They bloom during the winter, and their captivating displays can last several weeks, but they require a lot of careful attention year-round.

Poinsettias make festive displays perfect for Christmas weddings and warm, rustic wedding themes. They are also incredibly striking, so they are perfect for bouquets and accessorizing bridal outfits. 


Ranunculus are cool-season perennials. While they may be easier to grow during the warmer months, they will also grow in cool climates if planted inside first. Ranunculus flowers are also known as "Double Meadow Buttercups," and the flower is every bit as lovely and refined as the common name suggests.

These flowers are distinguished by their voluminous layers of paper-like petals and long, straight stems. They also have long-lasting flowers, making them a favorite among florists. If you want a feminine, soft, and delicate bouquet, we recommend ranunculus in a heartbeat. They make a beautiful contribution to bridal bouquets for winter weddings. 


The star-of-Bethlehem, or Ornithogalum umbellatum, is a gorgeous flower in the lily family. As its name implies, the cluster of brilliant white petals resembles a star. It is a winter bulb with vivid green stems and leaves that add a touch of spring to winter weddings. 

Sweat Pea

There is possibly no better flower when you want a soft, feminine bouquet and a beautiful pop of color than sweet peas. Sweet peas prefer cooler climates. In regions with milder winters, sweet peas bloom in late winter — just in time for an early March wedding! 

We recommend sweet peas if you want an immersive bouquet, as they are wonderfully fragrant flowers. Sweet peas give off notes of honey, orange, and jasmine, and they also release hints of spiciness. The flower's attractive appearance matches its pleasing aroma, with ruffled petals that remind us of butterflies. Sweet peas come in various lovely colors, including white, crimson, lavender, and pink. 


The rose is a timeless favorite and is undoubtedly the flower most associated with love and beauty. Roses prefer cooler weather and can bloom from late spring to early fall — in time for an early winter wedding.

Roses are easily recognizable, even though they come in various shapes, sizes, and colors. Some species have voluminous layers of petals in a rosette shape, while others have long, flat leaves. Red is the color most associated with roses, but they can be anything from white to sunny yellow. Roses also have a distinct and pleasing scent that sets them apart. 


Winter Wedding Floral Trends

We have chosen our top picks of floral trends that complement winter weddings: 

  • Snowy whites: What could be better for a winter-styled wedding than complementary snowy white flowers? A classic white rose is one of our favorite winter flowers, but you also cannot go wrong with an elegant bouquet of star-of-Bethlehem. 
  • Pops of pink, red, or purple: Orchids come in a variety of colors. Sweet peas are another excellent choice when you want lovely shades of pink and purple. 
  • Berries and fruit for unique textures: Flowers are, of course, the focal point of bouquets and centerpieces, but that does not mean you must limit textures. We love seeing diverse elements like berries and winter fruit add another dimension of color to bouquets. 
  • Icy blues: Blue is a fitting color for a winter wedding. Blue evokes ice, complements white, and adds a pop of color. Blue delphinium is our choice when it comes to icy blue flowers. 
  • Christmas-festive: For a festive wedding, we suggest bouquets reminiscent of wreaths. Add branches, red flowers, berries, and dark green leaves. Poinsettias are excellent flowers for festive styles. 

Treasure Your Winter Flowers With Element Design 

Your wedding is a moment you will remember forever. Whether you opt for festive green and red poinsettias or snow-white roses, your winter wedding flower bouquets and centerpieces are a special part of the day. 

With Element Design, you can extend the life span of your wedding flowers by preserving them after your special day. We create beautiful preserved floral frames and resin products using flowers from your wedding. These framed florals keep the story of your wedding day alive and make stunning focal points for your home. 

Book your free appointment with us today to discuss our pressed flowers! You can also sign up for our 30-Day Reminder Email to receive a reminder about us one month before your wedding day! 

Preserving winter wedding flowers

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