What to Expect from Your Framed Flowers Over the Years

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It’s no secret that flowers may change color when pressed, but just how much will they change over the years? Your preserved wedding bouquet is proudly displayed in your home. You follow our care instructions to a T. However, you may start to wonder, what will my pressed flowers look like 6 months from now? 1 year? 2 years? 

At the Pressed Bouquet Shop, we value letting your flowers shine organically. For us, this means we never add any dye, paint, or preservatives to your flowers. Your flowers blossomed from Mother Nature, and our goal is to maintain the integrity of their natural state.

Your framed bouquet is a treasured keepsake, a potential heirloom, and a testament to the best day of your life. Let’s talk about how pressed flowers stand the test of time. 

2 Years Later

This couple tied the knot in October 2020. White roses, white anemones, and blue thistle will generally fade, while purple dahlias retain their color. As a general rule of thumb, darker blooms tend to hold their pigmentation well, while lighter colored blooms will fade over time. 

1.5 Years Later 

This bride celebrated her wedding in June 2021. Stark white peonies in her bouquet maintained their color beautifully, while the white roses and anemones faded into an antiqued tone. This shift in color is largely due to oxidation, which is a completely natural process in plants and nature. Think of an apple or a potato that’s been cut open and left out - the flesh typically changes color! The same process occurs in pressed flowers. 

Purple roses in this design maintained their color, with only the center fading into an orange tone, thus following the rule about darker blooms - the darker the flower, the more likely the color will hold up!

1 Year

This late summer 2021 bouquet has maintained its color beautifully over the course of a full year. Thicker, more dense flowers such as dahlias, protea, and scabiosa maintain their lovely color, while thinner more delicate flowers such as light blue clematis have faded into an antique amber tone.

All white bouquets are one of the most timeless, classic options for brides. How they hold up over the years largely depends on what specific flower varieties your florist chooses. For this bride, her florist chose white roses that largely maintained their color, with only the slightest bit of fading occurring after a full year. The centers of anemones have slightly browned, while eucalyptus leaves, and delicate blue larkspur have faded more. 

No Matter How Your Flowers May Change Over Time…

One fact will always remain true. They’re the same flowers you held while walking down the aisle, and the sentiment behind that will never change. 

Have any questions about how specific flowers in your bouquet might change? Reach out to us to learn more!

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