5 Helpful Tips You Should Know Before Preserving Your Florals

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For you, bouquet preservation has always been a must. You couldn’t imagine anything more sentimental than preserving the same flowers you held while walking down the aisle. Pressed Bouquet Shop exists to make that happen! And we’re with you every step of the way. 

From the very beginning of the process (yes, even before your wedding day!), all the way up until your pressed bouquet is back in your hands, we’re here to offer you guidance, suggestions, and insider tips throughout the process. 

If you’re at the beginning stages of your bouquet preservation journey, then you’re in the right place. Keep reading to learn 5 helpful tips you should know before preserving your florals. 

1. Order in Advance 

We get it, wedding planning is quite possibly one of the most stressful (yet joyful!) periods of your life. A large majority of our team has been through it, so trust us when we say we understand. To make the preservation process easiest for you, we recommend couples place their order up to 6 months in advance before the big day. 

No sweat if you order the week before your wedding, or even the day after - we will never require a reservation to place your order (so long as we receive your bouquet within 5 business days after your wedding!). Simply browse through our custom preservation offerings, add items to your cart, and check-out. It’s as easy as that! And if you’re still unsure…

2. Schedule a Complimentary Consultation/Book the Peony Experience

Our expert client relations team is here for you! Schedule a complimentary in-person or virtual consultation to help guide you through the process, discuss which preservation items would work best for your bouquet, and answer any questions you may have. 

Looking for involvement throughout every step of the process, even down to creative control in your preservation piece? You’re in luck! The Peony Experience encompasses that and more. Along with a pre-wedding consultation, you’ll also receive a one-on-one design session with our creative manager, and a few extra perks!

Learn more about the Peony Experience here!

A Pressed Bouquet Shop brochure is handed off from manager to client.

3. Customize your Order with Bundles

If you’re undecided between choosing a custom frame or resin keepsake for your bouquet preservation, here’s a helpful hint: You can have both! Either select preservation pieces à la carte or choose from our wide selection of bundles to make the most of your preserved florals.

Preserved wedding bouquet with white orchids, framed in a white frame, resin serving tray, and resin coasters.

4. Keep your Flowers Fresh 

Overnight shipping is your best friend when it comes to sending in your fresh bouquet. Make sure to follow our detailed shipping instructions when sending out your flowers. While you wait to either ship or drop off your florals it’s best practice to keep your flowers in the freshest condition possible. You can do this by:

  • Keeping your stems in fresh water 
  • Keeping your flowers in a cool, dark area (no sunlight, please)
  • If you’re able, store your flowers in the fridge, but be sure to not let your flowers get frosty or water-logged

PBS Pro-Tip: While the cost of overnight shipping your bouquet is your responsibility, we find that online shipping tools such as PirateShip or Shippo can significantly cut down the cost. Check it out for yourself and report back to us!

5. Send us Photos from your Big Day

You did it! You had your consultation, you sent in your bouquet successfully, now what? Send us photos from your big day! When you send us photos featuring your bouquet from your wedding day, our design team will reference them as they craft your order. Send your photos to us at hello@pressedbouquetshop.com!

This ensures that your preservation piece(s) will resemble your bouquet as close as possible. As an added bonus, when you send us your wedding photos, you increase your chances of being featured on our social media. Double win!

Side by side comparison of wedding flowers when fresh and when pressed in a frame.

Following these tips will ensure a smooth process for your bouquet preservation experience. Remember, our team is there for you every step of the way! Still have questions that we didn’t cover? Reach out to us via email at hello@pressedbouquetshop.com, drop us a DM, or call us during our business hours to receive answers to your questions.

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