Can you work with my already dried bouquet?

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Your wedding may have happened 5 months ago, or 5 years ago. You knew you wanted to preserve your florals, but weren’t sure how…and so, you hung them upside down at home and hoped for the best. Now that you’ve learned about bouquet preservation from the Pressed Bouquet Shop, you’re left with the question: Can you work with my already dried bouquet?!

The answer is yes! Dust off those dried bouquets and read on to learn how we can turn them into floral keepsakes.

Resin Petal Confetti Keepsakes 

Our primary method of transforming your dried florals into works of art is through creating petal confetti keepsakes in our flat-lay resin pieces. Using your dried petals, our preservation team will carefully piece them apart to resemble confetti. This petal confetti is then artfully sprinkled throughout resin coasters, a resin serving tray, or resin display tray to preserve the sentiment of your special day. 

Looking to include an extra bit of sparkle to your petal confetti keepsakes? Add metallic gold, silver, or rose gold flakes to your pieces! 


Bouquet Recreation

Still hoping to transform your past wedding bouquet into a pressed flower frame or full flower resin keepsake? Already dried flowers cannot press flat (attempting to press them would cause them to crumble and fall apart!). However, we can recreate your bouquet!

Using a few photos of your bouquet on your wedding day, our team will work with our partner florist to source matching flowers, or as close a match as possible to your original arrangement. Once the flowers have been ordered and arrive at our shop, the preservation process will begin - the same as any other order! 

Click here to learn how the preservation process works!

Alternatively, you can work with your original florist to recreate your bouquet. However, with this option, it is your responsibility to ship your replica bouquet to our shop.

Recreations are the ideal option to capture the visual sentiment of your original bouquet, and also make for a memorable anniversary gift! To get started with the recreation process click here. 

Recreation wall

Your wedding flowers deserve to be cherished for years to come, regardless if your wedding happened 10 years ago or last weekend! Extend the life of your dried bridal bouquet by transforming it into a timeless keepsake today. 

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