The Difference Between Full Flower and Petal Confetti Resin Pieces

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Your eyes are set on resin keepsakes for your wedding bouquet preservation. Functional, elegant, and most importantly, memorable, these pieces of home decor will hold your memories for years to come. 

You’ve made your decision between our serving tray, display tray, and coasters, and it’s finally your turn to order from the Pressed Bouquet Shop! Then you come across an unexpected option: full flower or petal confetti. You may ask yourself what’s the difference? Let us explain.

Full Flower

Similarly to our frame preservations, full flower resin designs include your entire flower pressed on its face. Greenery is pressed with leaves and stems intact, and flowers appear full. Our talented resin design team then carefully arranges your pressed blooms to flow beautifully in your resin piece. 

Full flower is an ideal option for fresh bouquets, particularly large bouquets, and for capturing the sentiment of your fresh flowers. Add in gold, silver, or rose gold metallic flakes to truly make your resin pieces pop!

Petal Confetti

Petal confetti is exactly what it sounds like! Petal confetti resin designs involve carefully piecing apart your flowers and greenery once dried. Your bouquet’s color palette will shine as the petal “confetti” balances beautifully in this design option. 

Petal confetti resin keepsakes are an ideal choice for already dried bouquets, as we can transform your dried flowers into a functional work of art! Alternatively, petal confetti also works for fresh flowers, which our preservation team will expertly dry in-house. 

Want to make your confetti petal resin pieces sparkle? Add in gold, silver, or rose gold metallic flake to give your pieces that extra oomph!

Which do you prefer for your resin keepsakes? Full flower or petal confetti? (Insider secret: contact our client relationship team at to order a mix of both). 

Whichever you choose, your bouquet preservation pieces will look stunning for years to come! If you’re still not sure, book a complimentary in-person or virtual consultation with our client relationship team to discuss your floral preservation options. 

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