The Difference Between Burst Style and Field Style

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Preserving your wedding bouquet has been a must since the moment you sat down with your florist. Now it’s finally your turn to place your order with Pressed Bouquet Shop! Your sights are set on a custom pressed bouquet frame, you know which frame color you want, but what else is there to consider?

Then you come across an unexpected option: field style or burst style. Let’s break down the difference.

Burst Style 

Burst style is our traditional design method for creating pressed artworks. Flowers are pressed on their face, with little to no stem visibility. Your flowers are quite literally designed as if they’re bursting out from the center of the frame, kind of like a firework! 

With this method, our frame design team strives to match the look and feel of your fresh bouquet as close as possible. Burst style designs are highly versatile to match your bouquet. Have a cascading bouquet? Round shaped bouquet? Tropical bouquet with beautiful monstera leaves? Burst style can accommodate all of those bouquet styles and more! 

Take a look below to see some of our favorite burst style designs. 

Field Style

With field style, your wedding flowers find their way back to their natural habitat. Flowers are pressed on both their face and side with stems fully intact to give off the illusion of a blossoming field. 

This design method offers a more abstract approach to your framed flower preservation. While field style is adaptable for any bouquet, stemmy wildflower or garden-inspired bouquets are especially ideal. Check out these stunning examples of field style frame designs below!

Whether you choose burst style or field style, your pressed and framed bouquet is destined to make a statement in your home! Still not sure which design method to choose for your florals? Book a complimentary in-person or virtual consultation with our Client Relationship Team to discuss your preservation options.


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