How to Care for your Bouquet Preservation

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Your pressed wedding bouquet is a treasured keepsake. Whether you choose a pressed flower frame, custom resin preservation, or both, properly caring for your pieces is of utmost importance.

With the right care, your pieces will stand out for years to come as a memorable keepsake. However, always remember that flowers are natural, and fading or color change may occur over time even when care instructions are followed. Fading largely depends on what types of flowers are in your bouquet, and where your piece is displayed. 

For more information about how your frame will age, check out how these pressed bouquet frames faded over the years.

Here are some tips for maintaining the quality of your pressed wedding bouquet over time!

How to Care for Pressed Flower Frame Designs

1) Keep your Frame Away from Sunlight

All of our frames are protected by 99% UV coated glass, however natural pigmentation in your pressed florals can be affected by sunlight. Hang your frame in a spot where it can be showcased without facing the sun. Great spots include a cozy corner, above your bed, or in your hallway. 

Pressed and framed wedding bouquet hanging above a bed.

2) Avoid Excessive Heat or Humidity

Moisture in your pressed flowers is a huge no-no. Avoid displaying your pressed bouquet frame in your bathroom, sunroom, or above a radiator to keep your pressed flowers in tip-top shape. 

3) Handle with Care

We’ve made hanging your frame quick and easy by pre-installing your hanging hardware. Once you’ve found the perfect spot to display your pressed memories, use caution when adhering it to your wall. 

When cleaning your frame, use glass cleaner and paper towels to delicately clean the glass. Apply light pressure to your frame to prevent damaging the delicate petals and greenery on the other side. 

How to Care for Pressed Floral Resin Designs

1) Display your Resin Keepsakes Away from Sunlight

To prevent your pressed flower resin artwork from yellowing, position it away from sunlight for long-term display. It’s okay to bring out your coasters and resin tray to the patio every once in a while, just make sure to bring them back inside when the party's over!

Two preserved floral resin ring holders side by side on a night table. Each ring holder displays an engagement ring.

2) Avoid Heat Exposure

Prolonged heat exposure can warp, soften, and discolor your resin keepsake. Don’t display your resin artwork near an oven, windowsill, radiator, or open flame. That means iced coffee only for your coasters! Piping hot mugs of coffee and tea aren’t ideal for resting on your resin items.

3) Clean with Care

To clean your floral resin pieces, lightly dust the surface using paper towel and water. If necessary, use mild dish soap to gently hand wash any surface stains on your pieces. Never dishwash your resin pieces as this will damage them significantly!

Extended hand gently cleaning a pressed floral resin serving tray with a sheet of paper towel.

Your pressed memories are meant to be cherished as keepsakes for years to come. Any questions about maintaining your preservation pieces? Email us at and we can help you! 

Please note that since we are working with organic matter, and we do not paint or enhance the colors of the pressed flowers in any way to keep the natural look of your wedding day, it will likely fade and discolor over time. The rates at which it does depends on the flowers, as well as the habitat that it is in. These care instructions help prolong the vibrancy of the flowers, but fading and discoloration are inevitable.

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