Selecting the Right Pressed Flower Frame for your Wedding Bouquet

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You've chosen your person, your venue, your food, and, of course, your flowers. Finally seeing your beautiful bouquet, you’ve realized you want to be able to look at it for as long as possible, and you’ve found us. Element Preservation is here to ensure that your flowers look their best as a lasting keepsake. With five large frame styles, we have something for every kind of bloom and for every kind of home. Our 16x20 frames will hold nearly every bloom from a bouquet, creating a beautiful display that will last for years to come.

If your style is sleek, chic, and modern, you can’t go wrong with our white wood option. The stark white will help to highlight all of the pastels and pale shades of a classic bouquet.  We love watching how white lilies, pink peonies, and other delicately petaled flowers come to life within the white wood. We love seeing contrast, too, so this frame will also work with deep reds and burgundies combined with more neutral shades of blush and cream. The white wood works with elegant and simple home decor, and truly puts the focus on the flowers. 

For bouquets with a more dramatic look, our black wood frame may be the one for you. A recent design included iridescent peace lilies, lush blue anemones, dark pink sweet peas, and purple ranunculus that all were able to stand out when surrounded with this simple black frame. The black wood will fit in easily in a more minimalist home filled with clean lines, but will also look incredible against a fun, colorful wallpaper.

Sometimes the choice isn’t totally black and white, and you may want to mix it up, especially if you have a wide variety of colors and tones in your palette. We offer both of these frame options in smaller styles, allowing you to mix and match frames for the main bouquet, boutonniere, bridesmaid’s bouquet, or any other extra florals you want to keep for yourself (or give as a gift!). For boutonnieres, we have a 6x6 option that will perfectly frame the greens and blooms worn by your groom. Our 10x10 frames are perfect for gifting to your bridesmaids, mother, or for your flower crown. 

We try not to play favorites here at the shop, but all of us love the natural wood frame. Perfect for any season’s blooms, the warm wood tones of the natural wood bring out buttery yellows, pinks, and neutral tones. This frame allows a more simple style of bouquet to really shine. The pine wood, accented with a natural grain pattern, goes well in a home decorated with a modern eye and a nod towards a homey aesthetic. We love seeing this style near the many houseplants in our storefront, and the way the wood catches the light is just lovely at any time of day. Also available in our two smaller size offerings, this versatile frame style is a perfect home for a boutonniere whose stems are wrapped in satin, lace, or even burlap. 

We love welcoming bohemian bouquets with plenty of textures, like pampas grasses, wheat stalks, and bleached greens. These all look fantastic in our barn wood option. Made from upcycled reclaimed wood, these frames are each a little different and perfect for your unique blooms. With its silver-gray tones, we love seeing this with dusty miller, eucalyptus leaves, and quicksand roses. The barn wood would feel at home in a cozy living room, perhaps taking pride of place on a stone mantel. If you want to include a mini option with your barn wood order, both the smaller black or white frames will match well with this frame.

For the blooms that seem to sparkle from wedding day to our designers’ desks, we love our matte gold frame. The lightly textured gold catches the light and adds a shimmer to draw the eye towards your beautiful blooms. We love seeing the effect it has on yellow acacia, white spray roses, and delicate butterfly ranunculus (our shop owner Amelia’s favorite!). This frame is perfect for the stylish, stand out bride who loves a classic look delivered in a modern way. A choice that works for most homes, this frame can match any changes to your home or style. If paired with one of our smaller frames, the natural wood is an excellent fit, as the buttery tones of pine will only be enhanced sitting next to this gold frame. 

We believe that all of our frames are beautiful and fully capable of capturing the magic of preserved flowers. We love talking through options with our brides, so feel free to contact the shop to talk about how to make your bouquet look its best for years to come. If you want to get a quick answer to which frame might be best for you, take our “Choosing Your Frame'' quiz, and you’ll have a good idea of what options will look their best in two minutes or less! Whether your home is already full of eclectic decor or kept simple, we have the perfect frame for you! 


Written by: Phaedra Foell, Element Preservation Writer & Designer

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