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Quicksand Roses

Find out what we like and prefer less about quicksand roses

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Fresh Quicksand roses

The quicksand rose has a lovely pale pinkish hue when it is fresh. When pressed, these florals change from that delicate pink to a lavender or grey hue. This natural change is infamous amongst the PBS team and we are here to provide you with the option to keep the blooms you had on your wedding day or replace the quicksands to maintain the color of the fresh flower.

*The picture to the right showcases the fresh bouquet used in the frames below.

Kept Quicksands

If you want want the original flowers used from your special day, despite slight color change, you will not have to worry about replacing the quicksands.

*The picture to the left showcases the EXACT flowers used from the fresh bouquet, so no quicksand replacements were made.