5 Easy and Stylish Ways to Display Pressed Floral Artwork

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Nothing beats the excitement that comes from receiving your pressed florals. Whether you pick up your pieces at our shop in Allentown, PA, or have them shipped directly to your home, the joy you experience when gazing at your pressed artworks for the first time is unparalleled. As you carefully unbox your artworks, you might tear up a little or do a happy dance, and then you start to wonder: Where can I display this?!

Don’t fret, we’re here to help! Check out these 5 stylish ways to display your pressed artworks in your home. 

1) Living Room Statement Piece

Your living room - you lounge here, entertain here, and let’s be honest, eat your meals here as well (shoutout to the dining room table for looking cute though). This room is the perfect spot to invoke conversation and what better way to achieve that than with your pressed bouquet design? Hang your pressed frame above your mantle, in your favorite cozy corner, or add it to your gallery wall to make a statement in your living room.

Pressed and framed artwork featuring roses, alstroemeria, and lisianthus displayed on a mantle alongside a round mirror.

2) Functional Kitchen Flair 

Keep your wedding ring safe and spruce up your kitchen space by displaying your custom ring holder on your kitchen counter or kitchen sink area. Little details are not to be overlooked, not even in your kitchen! Adding your ring holder to your counter space adds a sweet and sentimental touch to the room where you and your partner make meals (and messes) together. 

Diamond ring displayed on a resin ring holder, brown soap bottle, and scrubbing brush sitting next to the kitchen sink.

3) Brighten up your Home Office 

Personalizing your home office is key to creating good feng shui in your workspace. Did you know good feng shui has been shown to increase productivity)? Inspire creativity during your workday by showcasing your custom frame designs in your work-from-home office! Adding pops of color to your wall will not only bring life into your space, but also give you the boost you need to conquer that to-do list. Adding these little floral touches to your office are a sure way to relieve post-Zoom meeting fatigue!

Home office with a desk, computer, and exercise bike. Two pressed flower frames are hanging on either side of the window.

4) At Home Happy Hour

When it’s time to wind down, do so in style with your custom floral coasters! We are obsessed with our resin floral coasters, not only as a cute home accessory, but also because of their functionality. Save your coffee table, side console, or favorite bar tray from unsightly wet rings. The best part? When not in use, they can still be displayed as mini keepsakes from your special day! Make sure to keep your coasters close by next time you invite your BFFs over for well-deserved cocktails or mocktails, because it's always 5 o’clock somewhere!

Wooden serving tray holding pressed floral resin coasters, a candle, and dry flowers in a vase.

5) Self Care Station

Self care is of utmost importance in your daily routine. Carving out a physical space for self care in your home, whether it be your bathroom sink, dresser, or vanity table, is essential for honoring your routine and that oh-so-important “me time”. Stay organized while showcasing your skincare staples in an aesthetically pleasing way with our resin serving tray. Admire your wedding florals everyday as you pamper yourself!

Jade roller, perfume bottle, and skin tonic displayed on a pressed floral resin tray.

Bonus: Bookshelf Treasure 

Bonus round! Style your bookshelf with meaningful mementos - starting with your 6x6 mini frame or 10x10 giftable frame. Arrange books, magazines, plants, and other knick knacks around your smaller sentimental frames to spotlight these flowery details. Up the coziness level of your reading nook by adding sentimental pressed frame designs to your bookcase.

A cozy reading nook featuring an armchair and a bookshelf. A mini pressed flower frame sits on the bookshelf.

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