Choosing The Right Frame Color For You

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Written By: Phaedra, a Pressed Bouquet Shop Designer

We know that planning a wedding means you have a lot of choices to make- table settings, bridal party outfits, signature drink, florals. We’re glad that, if you’re here, you’ve probably chosen to preserve your flowers- but this means a couple more decisions! When it comes to your floral preservation, we want to make any remaining choices easy for you, and offer plenty of ways to keep you as hands off or hands on as you’d like to be. When it comes to choosing which frame you’d like to see around your beautiful bouquet, we totally understand how tricky it can be to fully land on one. Even when our designers are creating pieces for display in our showroom, there will always be a lot of talk amongst the team over which designs will get which frames. So, we get it! Here are some ways you can go about making that last choice when it comes to your special day!  

Browse Our Website

Browse our website

The quickest and easiest way to get a sense of what you’d like your finished preservation frame piece to look like is to browse through our website! Our gallery page is full of beautiful designs, and each frame color is shown with a variety of bouquets. Have you gone with a classic all white and green palette? You may find that the gold wood frame makes those whites absolutely pop. Or perhaps you went with a ton of color and texture, and can’t decide between adding more with a barn wood frame, or letting the flowers speak for themselves in a white one. We have plenty of examples of colorful blooms in all our frames, so you can see which one you want to go with! If you are trying to make your choice early on in the process, browsing our gallery and Instagram is a great way to get a look at your options and come to a decision! 

Complimentary Consultation

Our client relations manager giving a complimentary consultation.

If you’d like a little more assistance in choosing your dream frame, each of our clients are able to schedule a free consultation, where one of our keen eyed team members can show you even more examples of frames our designers have already created, so you can really get a feel for which flowers you like in which frames. You’ll have a chance, during your chat, to tell us all about the decor you already have in your home, and we can help you decide which of our frames would work best for you. If you love sleek and modern, we’ll likely suggest a black, white, or gray frame, depending on what color your flowers will be. If you’re more on the maximalist side of things, gold or barn wood frames may be just the thing for you! 

Peony Experience

Our creative manager working with a client that has the Peony Experience.

Now, both of the above options are for those who want to be a little more hands-off, which we totally understand! However, we know some of you want to be truly involved in the creation of your finished preservation pieces, which we also completely get! For our clients who have a vision, or would like to have a greater role in what their pieces look like, we created the Peony Experience. This experience allows you further consultations and conversations with our Creative Manager, as well as the ability to receive proofs and make changes to your design before it is finalized. If you have been indecisive about your frame color, and looking through the gallery and talking it out weren’t quite enough for you to picture your flowers in one frame or another, you can request different frames be added to your proof, so you get a real, solid look at what your finished flowers look like in any of our frames

No matter what you choose, your framed flowers will look absolutely gorgeous for years to come! We strive to provide options for every kind of flower and every kind of client, and we appreciate that you have trusted us with your blooms!

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