What To Do With Your Dried Florals and Other Options For Past Events

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Written By: Phaedra, a Pressed Bouquet Shop Designer

We know that the idea of pressing flowers isn’t new, but a large scale business specializing in bouquet preservation is. This means that many of you may have heard of us after your event has passed. While your fresh flowers may no longer be with you, you still have ways to keep the memories of them alive! We’ve worked hard to have as many options as possible available to you, so anyone can enjoy the magic of pressed blooms on display. That is, after all, one of the things that makes what we do at Pressed Bouquet Shop so special. Whether you have a bouquet that has hung upside down for years, a long ago anniversary, or are looking to surprise someone with a token of love, we can help! Here, we’ll look at ways you can still have the perfect preservation pieces, no matter when you heard of us (but we’re sure glad you did). 

Already Dried Bouquet

Pre made dried petal confetti coasters

Pre-Made Dried Petal Confetti Coasters | Set of 2 | $49 

Hanging a bouquet upside down is one of the easiest ways to dry out flowers, and is a classic method of home preservation. While they look nice sitting in a vase, there isn’t much more than can be done with a dried bouquet. Well, unless you send them our way! We can take dry, delicate florals and turn them into something fun and functional, with all the sentiment still attached. We will crush the petals into a confetti, which our resin specialist will artfully sprinkle into any resin design. We also recommend adding texture by including metallic flakes, which will play off the petals to create a wonderfully modern look. You can also add charms and ribbon to your confetti resin items, keeping even more mementos of your special day in display for years to come. 

This method of preserving your bouquet can be used in any order, so even if your bouquet comes to us the day after your nuptials, we can easily create a resin design with confetti! 

Events Passed

 Recreation frame

Amelia, the CEO + Founder, recreated her mom's bouquet from her wedding 30 years ago

We understand that professional bouquet preservation is new to many folks, and we so often hear from mothers, older sisters, and aunts of current clients that they wish they’d had an opportunity to have their bouquets turned into artwork. In order to make sure everyone has a chance to have such an incredible reminder of the most important events, we offer recreation services for any bouquet! We work with a local florist, who helps us to source flowers that match up to photos and recollections. When you order a recreation, your florals will be brand new and in their freshest condition when they come into the shop. The best part? You don’t have to worry about shipping us flowers! Simply provide us with as clear a photograph as possible of the bouquet you’d like to bring back to life, and order the new blooms through us. We will receive the bouquet through our partner florist and once it is pressed, our designers will begin to work their magic. They will work from any provided photos to recreate the magic of that first bouquet, no matter how long ago it was held. 

Tokens of Love

Memorable Moments frame next to a custom pressed flower frame.

Our Memorable Moment frame (10x10) next to a custom 16x20 frame

When you don’t have fresh flowers on hand, and don’t have a specific bouquet in mind, but you still really want to have a pressed flower keepsake, we have just the thing! We have created a series of unique items that are already made and ready to ship right to you. We have various frame and resin items always available for purchase, which you can find here or by visiting our website, going to the “Shop” tab and clicking on “Pre-Made Gifts”. While we have a variety of small frames, resin trays, and our merch available, we have also created products that include common florals and color palettes, meant to bring to mind a typical bouquet for each season called the "Memorable Moment" frames. We created these frames to bring about sweet memories for anyone receiving them, and they are the perfect anniversary gift for a beloved couple.

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