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Meet Rachel!

She is the owner and founder of Easton Candle Company. She started ECCo as a passion project, wanting to burn scents that create an inviting environment, without all the toxic chemicals.

We definitely see her passion shine through each product we use here at PBS!

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Easton Candle Co. Upcoming Events

9/30 & 10/1 Oktoberfest

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10/7 & 10/8 - Easton Garlic Fest

10/14 - Easton Farmer's Market

10/19 - Barre3 Pop Up

10/21 - Jay's Local Pop Up

10/22 - Cellar Beast Pop Up

10/28 Easton Farmer's Market

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11/4 & 11/5 - PA Bacon Fest

11/9 - Barre3 Pop Up

11/11 - Pressed Bouquet Shop Pop Up

11/18, 19, 24-26 - Easton Winter Village

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12/1-12/3 - Easton Winter Village

12/8-12/10 - Easton Winter Village

12/15-12/17 - Easton Winter Village

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Some of Rachel's Favorites

Valley Moss

Valley Moss is a NEW scent that has become Rachel's current favorite! It has an earthy, clean scent that beautifully transitions through the fall and winter seasons.

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Market Tote

Rachel has been loving the Market Tote since launching it a few months ago. It is the perfect bag to bring to the farmer's market, store, or work!

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Apple Cider

This is Rachel's favorite seasonal scent hands-down. It's hard to beat that classic warm apple and spice smell as soon as the temp drops!

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A: "So for forever, my favorite flower was the peony. But this year, I was introduced to ranunculus flowers and they're now my favorite."

A: "I wasn't finding exactly what I wanted from the store. I love the ambience of having a candle burning, but sometimes they were too strong or too sweet and then I realized as I was researching how toxic they can be, so I really wanted to focus on something that non-toxic and high quality, without paying one hundred dollars a candle"

A: "For 7 years. I just opened a retail store about a year and a half ago. But, prior to So talking about retail, I've been doing that for almost fifteen years."

A: "So, I went with a really timeless style for my candles. Something that can fit in any decor, whether you like rustic or modern, I think it'll fit in with anything."

A: "My biggest piece of advice would just be to enjoy the day, you only get one day, so live it up! Another great tip would be to have a signature scent at your wedding. Something that you can remember your day by. There's a lot of memories tied to smells and different scents. So if you have your favorite candle burning throughout the ceremony or the reception, it's a great way to remember later."

A: "So, I ship online throughout the United States. I have a few fans in Alaska which is really cool and looking to fill Hawaii. I've never shipped to Hawaii, so it's on my bucket list."

A: "Looking to the future, I would love to add some staff to the store. It'll allow me to focus more on candle pouring, so I can have someone here running the store and do other events. And, just grow the business."

A: "We're heading into candle season and I have a lot of upcoming events that are local, so I'm going to be at Garlic Fest, Bacon Fest, and then Easton Winter Village, which is a great event if you haven't been. It runs through November and December every Friday through Sunday and they set up little huts in The Circle. So, I'll be doing that on weekends and then also having my store open as well for holiday shopping."

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