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Written By: Phaedra, an Element Preservation Designer

At Element Design, we love what we do. We’ve worked very hard over the years, to ensure that the process of receiving flowers and sending back frames and resin pieces is as streamlined and easy for you as possible. This includes helping to make sure you know how many blooms we’ll need from you to create your desired products. We know that shipping us your sentimental blooms can be quite the process and it begins with knowing how much is enough. Whether you’re ordering a single 6x6 frame or The Works bundle, we want you to feel comfortable knowing that your memories are being preserved with care, and each product has the blooms needed to bring them to life. 

Here, we will outline the amounts of flowers needed for each individual product and bundle deal. When you’re browsing through products, you can also see a visual representation of what you’ll need to send us included in the photos with the listing or find out in our ordering guide quiz. We hope this guide is helpful as you plan your lasting keepsakes

The Frames

Flagship 16x20 Frame

16x20 White Wood Frame

Our famous 16x20 frame is the quintessential Pressed Bouquet Shop product. For this, we will need at least one bridal bouquet, which usually consists of fifteen to thirty stems of primary and secondary flowers. We can also use two bridesmaids bouquets, if they were smaller than the bridal bouquet, or pieces of a centerpiece, which is typically a little larger. If you do send florals that are not your bridal bouquet, but you want it to look like it, be sure to send photos of your bouquet from the day of your wedding, so our designers can be sure to capture its special details. 

Single 10x10 Frame

10x10, Small Barn Wood Frame

For our medium frame, we will need about ten to fifteen stems of flowers in varying sizes. If your bouquet consists of mostly larger florals, such as peonies and roses, we will only require up to five, which leaves space for greenery and secondary blooms. These blooms can be sourced from your most loved bridal flowers or a bridesmaid’s bouquet. The 10x10 is also the perfect way to display a flower crown or dog collar that typically have about a dozen small blooms with plenty of greens, which our designers will use to recreate the shape and feel of the collar or crown. 

Single 6x6 Frame

6x6, Mini Barn Wood Frame

For our sweet 6x6 frames, you really don’t need too much, as a little goes a long way in such a petite space. We’ve done adorable 6x6s with just one special flower. We love to see boutonnières (and their fun cousin, pocket squares) and corsages, as statement standalone blooms in the smallest of our frames. We can also create a miniature burst design with florals from any arrangement, and we would need about five to ten smaller stems. 

The Resin

Serving Tray 

Pressed Flower Resin Serving Tray

The serving tray is one of our very favorite products for its combined beauty and functionality. The serving tray is 12x16” and can be filled with about ten stems. We love seeing a bridal bouquet or centerpiece captured in the fully functional serving tray. Just imagine serving a few glasses of wine on top of the very flowers you carried with you down the aisle! 

Display Tray

Pressed Flower Resin Display Tray

The display tray is a bit smaller than the serving tray at 4x13”, but no less beautiful and useful. Because of the smaller size, we don’t need quite as many blooms to make this special keepsake. It can fit about six larger flowers, such as roses, and a dozen smaller blooms, like cosmos and Queen Anne’s lace. This tray is perfect for arrangements such as flower crowns, table florals, and pieces of a bridal or bridesmaid bouquet. 


Pressed Flower Resin Coasters (Set of 4)

No matter which shape of coasters you choose, this method of preserving flowers is one of the sweetest! For each set of four coasters, we need at least a bridesmaids bouquet, which makes them perfect for gifting to the bridal party! We can also recreate boutonnières and corsages as the design of the coasters, so the entire bridal party can be represented. Each coaster can hold one larger flower or up to three or four smaller ones, making them the perfect add-on when you find you can’t part with a single bloom. 

Ring Holder

Dried Flower Resin Ring Holder

We think our ring holders are one of our most precious products. These very cute and super useful items have plenty of space for most boutonnieres and corsages. If you are just ordering a ring holder and don’t want a bout or corsage to be recreated within, we only need as little as a single flower, or just a few petite stems. If you are sending in other florals for other products, we can easily take just a couple blooms to use for the ring holder.

The Bundles

The Classic

The Classic Bundle

Our most popular bundle deal allows you to display two of the most important floral arrangements - the bridal bouquet and the groom’s boutonnière. Typically, we will have the bouquet designed in the 16x20 frame and the boutonnière will sit adorably in a 6x6 frame, usually matching in color to make the beginnings of a beautiful gallery wall. For this order, you’ll need to send us a bridal bouquet and a boutonnière. 

Two Bouq(uets)

Two Bouq(uets) Bundle

This bundle deal is pretty simple - two 16x20 frames, which can be used to display two bouquets. This is perfect for a pair of brides who each carried flowers! We’ll need, of course, at minimum, two bouquets to create these designs. This is also a great bundle to display centerpieces or floral arches in a pair of designs meant to be hung together. If you want any of those arrangements recreated, we would need one to three, depending on the size of the arrangements. Our 16x20 frames typically leave enough space for 10-15 larger flowers as well as a dozen or so stems of greenery and secondary florals.  

Two Bout(onnières)

Two Bout(onnières) Bundle

Another sweet and simple bundle, our Two Bouts Bundle is a pair of 6x6 frames. Typically, they house a set of boutonnières but can also be used for corsages, nosegays, or particularly sentimental blooms. Whichever you want to see in these little cuties, we will need at least two small arrangements. Boutonnières typically consist of two to three small florals and one or more pieces of greenery. Our frame designers can even add the ribbon wrapped around its tiny stems, so it looks just the same as it did the day it was pinned on the groom! 

The Flower Lovers

Flower Lovers Bundle

This bundle consists of two of our 10x10 frames. These are great for two smaller floral arrangements, such as the bridesmaids’ bouquets or even a pair of flower crowns! If you simply want two beautiful designs made from a single bridal bouquet, our designers can divide the flowers between the frames as well. Each 10x10 will have at least five larger flowers, several secondary blooms, and five to ten stems of greenery. 

The Gallery

The Gallery Bundle

The Gallery bundle is perfect for those who want to display a little bit of everything from their wedding. This bundle includes one of each of our frame sizes: 16x20, 10x10, and 6x6. We typically see the bridal bouquet going into the large frame, a boutonnière or corsage in the smallest frame, and a bridesmaids bouquet or extras left over from the bridal for the 10x10. You can customize what you want in each frame, and even include additional items, such as utilizing the 10x10 frame for an invitation or favorite wedding photos. You can add such customizations at check out and let our team know in the notes! 

Functional Florals

Functional Florals Bundle

If you’re the type who wants to do more than look at your flowers, this bundle is perfect for you! With this set, you’ll get two sets of coasters, two ring holders, and a serving tray. Ideal for gift giving or couples who love hosting, this bundle will absolutely make you swoon. In order to create these items, we will need at least two bouquets. The florals for the ring holders can be taken from the main bouquets, and the tray is typically used for the bridal flowers, while the coasters can be filled with blooms from a centerpiece or bridesmaid’s bouquet. As mentioned before, the ring holders are also wonderful for displaying a boutonnière or other smaller arrangements - just let us know what you’d like to see used in each item when you are placing your order! 

The Works

The Works Bundle

You can’t go wrong with The Works! This bundle deal includes our most popular products - a 16x20 frame, resin serving tray, coasters, and a ring holder. With this, you’re truly able to put your memories all around the house, both in use and on display! In order to best fill out each item, we’ll need plenty of flowers. The frame will typically be used to display a bridal bouquet or centerpiece. You can fill the resin products with a mix of bridesmaids bouquets, table flowers, and even boutonnières! If you have a specific vision for where you want each arrangement, let our client relations team know and they’ll pass it along to the rest of the team! You can also get super hands on by adding the Peony Experience, which will allow you to play a role in the design process.

We hope these descriptions allow you to envision your flowers as beautiful bespoke designs created just for you, using the flowers you’ve been dreaming of since you started planning that walk down the aisle. If you have any questions or concerns about shipping your bouquets, boutonnière, flower crowns, and other arrangements to us, please check out our Shipping Instructions video and browse through our FAQ page. We are so excited to see the beautiful flowers you chose, and turn them into something you can enjoy for years to come! 

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