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Written By: Phaedra, a Pressed Bouquet Shop Designer

Birthdays don’t just come with a zodiac sign- each month is represented by its own special birth flower. We thought we’d take you through the twelve flowers associated with the months. Find you and your partner’s and add a few of each to your bouquet, or gift your mother a bouquet symbolizing you and your siblings- and get them preserved, of course! If you’re looking to skip the fresh flowers, go straight to the preservation with any of our ready-ship items specially made to reflect these blooms. If you’re looking for even more meaningful flowers, check out our other blog that lists some florals and their special meanings by the season. We hope all of these help you to build the bouquet of your dreams! 

January - Carnations

January birth flower, carnations.

For a month that spans the depth of winter, January can be quite fun– New Year’s parties, new resolutions, and enjoying the gifts loved ones gave over the holidays. We love that January is represented by the ever fluffy carnation, and bright plume of petals in the midst of an otherwise chilly month. 

February - Violets

February birth flower, Violets.

February is  a month that reminds most of us to act a little romantic, especially with the special day right in the middle of this short and sweet month. The violet perfectly represents quick, dreamy February, as the Victorians took the small bloom to mean that the giver’s thoughts are full of love. 

March - Daffodil

March birth flower, Daffodils.

March is when things start to look a little brighter, with the equinox ringing in spring in the northern hemisphere. Like the sunlight that begins to come back, daffodil’s happy yellow will bring smiles to faces. March and daffodils arriving mean spring has finally sprung, making both a treasure. 

April - Sweet Pea

April birth flower, Sweet Pea.

April showers don’t just bring flowers to the following months– sweet peas are just one of the flowers that blossom in the early spring months. The delicate droop of their petals do remind us of the rain that comes as a part of April, but we sure don’t mind. To quote Dolly Parton, “If you want the rainbows, you gotta put up with the rain.” If it’s a rainbow of flowers coming, we’re happy to have a few showers. 

May - Lily of the Valley

May birth flower, Lily of the Valley.

Like morning mist in late spring, Lily of the Valley is there and gone, making it all the more special for how quickly the season for it passes. May is one of the most lovely months, made all the more wonderful by being the month that gives us this special flower. And, we have to add, the delicate stems with their individual blooms dangling look amazing when pressed, so you can, indeed, keep these little beauties throughout every season. 

June - Rose

June birth flower, Rose.

June is a month made for beauty– just before the true heat of summer, the flowers are out, and the days are getting longer and longer. June is one of the best months for flowers and is well represented by the classic rose. Not only can you find roses bursting to life in June, but the very essence of summer can be found in each. 

July - Larkspur

July birth flower, Larkspur.

Larkspur, a stemmy, often colorful flower, reminds us of the trail a firework leaves. Much like the joy of a fireworks display in July, larkspur is the perfect summery bloom. The several colors they come in give plenty of options when adding this flower to a bouquet, and their spindly tops add a hint of whimsy in line with the fun one can have in July’s long days. 

August - Poppies

August birth flower, Poppies.

Nothing says late summer like a field of flowers, and in many of those hazy fields, you may find red poppies, the most magnificent bloom. August is the last month of summer goodness, and the silky bright petals of a poppy evoke those long sunsets that make the evenings feel just a bit more magical than in other months. 

September - Aster

September birth flower, Aster.

Just as September cues to us the closing of summer and the beginning of cozy autumn, the aster is another sign that soon the leaves will change. Aster, meaning wisdom, seems like the perfect floral for the month that always reminds us of going back to school, or curling up with a good book on the first chilly evenings. 

October - Marigold

October birth flower, Marigold.

The marigold is a beautiful and special flower, and makes sense to be paired with October. The orange petals of the marigold are so like the changed leaves above. October’s loveliness is reflected in that bright burst of color. 

November - Chrysanthemum

November birth flower, Chrysanthemum.

As winter approaches, there are still reminders of floral life and color. November, despite the winds that can blow through, is still a wonderful month, with holidays to look forward to and a growing coziness inside one’s home. Chrysanthemums can be large or small and come in just about any color, perfect for bringing in some cheeriness. 

December - Poinsettia

December Birth Flower frame - Poinsettia

The poinsettia is a flower that truly evokes all the festivities and joy of the winter time. This big, bright, brilliantly red floral holds deep significance for many people, as it is especially related to the Christmas holidays, due to its resemblance to a certain North Star. Luckily for those who love it, it is ubiquitous all through December. We love these big, bushy blooms for the way the red petals look like its green leaves, and for the beautiful curving symmetry. 

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