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Written By: Phaedra, a Pressed Bouquet Shop Designer

Because of what we get to do here at Pressed Bouquet Shop, we know sentimentality is important. Being able to help keep memories of an event, a person, or a really great day alive brings us so much joy. One of the things we love the most about preserving bouquets are the ways that extra sweetness can be added, both to a fresh bouquet and to a preservation piece. Here, we share some examples of ways you can imbue your fresh florals with even more love. We also take a look at ways couples have incorporated some of those ideas into their frames and resin pieces, so the memories can continue to bring joy.

Fresh Sweetness

There are no two bouquets that are exactly the same, so yours will be unique no matter what you include. However, you can find ways to make your florals your own. One way is to add flowers grown in your own garden or that of a loved one. We have so enjoyed when clients share the origin of some of their florals, and stories of brides plucking hyacinth just before going down the aisle will never get old. We’ve even had couples include their own houseplants- monstera looks great in a float frame

16x20 Natural wood frame

16x20 Natural Wood Frame 

10x10 Small. black wood frame

Daffodil bouquet a bride's grandmother handpicked for the wedding day.

Another popular and precious way to represent yourself and your partner is to make sure to include each of your birth flowers. Look up what flowers represent the months you were born in, or the month of your wedding, and ask your florist to include a few of each blossom to symbolize your coming together. If your birthday falls in March, and your partner’s in August, daffodils and poppies make a lovely combo! Any two months’ flowers would create a wonderful pairing. 

Tokens Of Love

Something we see so often are brides who wrap their flower stems in something special. Whether it’s the trimmings of a wedding dress, a specific ribbon chosen with care, or even the cuff of a father’s shirt, you can add even more meaning to the flowers in your hands with special fabrics tying the stems together. The best thing about using fabric? We can use it in a frame! We’ve had some really special pieces of lace, flannel, and silk come through our shop. Our designers love getting to work another material in with the design. They also find a lot of joy in every unique story behind each piece of fabric they include with a bouquet preservation

16x20 Barn Wood Frame with ribbon and boutonniere add ons.

16x20 Barn Wood Frame with Ribbon and Boutonnière Add Ons.

Another sweet addition to a bouquet are charms. Sometimes representing someone who the couple wants to hold even closer as they walk down the aisle. Charms can be engraved with names or dates, or act as small frame for photos or printed words. Charms can be included only in our resin products, but believe us that they make a big difference in adding both detail and sentiment to a resin design

Resin serving tray with gold handles - Geode
Pressed Flower Resin Serving Tray - Geode, Gold Handles, Cake Topper Add On.

Finishing Details

If you want to show off more than just your flowers, you can add an invitation or beloved wedding photo. Our frame designers will carefully surround your invitation or image with your florals to create frame within a frame. If you’re ordering a float frame, you may also choose our “hidden invite” option, which means that the invitation or photo will be placed face down on the glass, with flowers over top of it to hide it from the front view. When you flip the design over, your image will be facing out the back, a sweet little secret for you and your partner to enjoy knowing is there. 

16x20 Gold Wood Frame - Invitation Add On

16x20 Gold Wood Frame - Invitation Add On

16x20 Natural Wood Frame - Hidden Invitation Add On

16x20 Natural Wood Frame - Hidden Invitation Add On

Speaking of partners, grooms can have their moment to shine, too! Our frame and resin designers can reconstruct a boutonniere to look just as it did on your big day. The “bout” (as we call them) will be placed in the lower right hand corner of our 16x20 and 10x10 frames, or you can opt to get it a frame of its own with our 6x6 frame option. When it comes to bouts in resin, we love to see them added to a ring holder, which will give you an all around view of the preserved bout!

A pressed boutonnière in our 6x6 Mini Frame

A pressed boutonnière in our 6x6 Mini Frame.

If you’ve ordered any of our preservation products, you will of course be getting something containing the most important of memories. Your flowers, whether you picked them yourself or you found the perfect florist to craft your vision, are always the highlight of any of our Pressed Bouquet Shop designs. However, if you want to add a little something extra to your framed preservation piece, we hope you got some inspiration from this post! 

The classic bundle with black wood frames - 16x20 and 6x6 frame included

The Classic Bundle with black wood frames - 16x20 and 6x6 frame included


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