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Written By: Phaedra, a Pressed Bouquet Shop Designer

It’s no secret that one of the biggest events of 2023 was Taylor Swifts’s Eras tour. The pop star took audiences in stadiums,  and movie theaters when the concert film released, on a journey through 17 years worth of music. She went album by album, playing both hits and deep cuts of her ten albums. We have just a couple Swifties in our office who have spent the year playing a game of matching Taylor’s Eras to designs being done, and it was so fun we thought we’d share some with you! Be sure to let us know if you agree with each match! 


Geometric serving tray with gold handles

The Lover era is all about gauzy pinks and gentle hues, and we think this serving tray really captures the era’s essence. The scabiosa and Queen Anne’s lace create a sort of sparkle effect over the roses, bringing to mind the beginning of Taylor’s show, and the pink roses will always make us feel swoony, just like the opening notes of Lover, the song. 


 Confetti resin display tray

Taylor launches into her Fearless era with gold and glitter, just like this confetti’s style display tray. We don’t know how it gets better than this! The silver flakes addition helps the gold petal confetti truly shine. If your flowers are already dry, we hope you can be fearless in knowing that you’ll receive something beautiful.


Pressed flower resin ring dish

This precious ring dish has us catching our breath, and reminds us of the simple beauty of the evermore. The colors are perfectly matched to the autumn vibes of the album, and the little details shine brighter than Jupiter.


December birth month flower frame

This ready to ship frame is part of our birth flower collection. December’s flower is the poinsettia, so this is our girl Taylor’s birth flower! Why choose it for Reputation? Well, the black frame surrounding a truly lovely and delicate bloom is right in line with the Reputation album, which is more full of love songs than you may think, based on its big reputation for being a little more grungy than Taylor’s previous work. 

Speak Now

 Pressed flower hexagon coasters with silver flakes

Well, these coasters are absolutely enchanting! Purple roses and silver flakes make this set a treat to look at, and we love how something so beautiful can be so functional as well. The Speak Now era is all ballgowns and sparkle, and this set captures that beautifully. 


16x20 Barn Wood frame with ribbon add on

Red is one of the most romantic eras, even for a Taylor Swift album, and this red rose bouquet captures the magic of that special album. We know all too well how important it is to save more sentimental items than just your flowers, and the red ribbon in this design surely makes the bride who received it think happily back to her special day. 


The Classic bundle with Black Wood frames

The folklore set of the Eras Tour has Taylor singing though fantastical landscapes, and this lovely Classic Bundle set makes one feel they are getting lost among willow branches in an enchanted forest. The boutonnière in the 6x6 frame gets a chance to shine, too. 


16x20 White Wood frame with a horizontal field style design being held by someone

The quintessential pop era for Taylor has so many songs to dance along to, and this white field style frame sure makes us feel like dancing! Blue delphinium and white hydrangea are two flowers that will never go out of style, and the ribbon inclusion is out of our wildest dreams. 


16x20 Barn Wood Frame with a burst style design

Best believe this barn wood is bejeweled! This showstopper of a frame has pitch perfect anemones standing out against perfect purple roses. Midnights is an album that is all about shining brightly as gems at a late night ball, and we think this design captures that perfectly. 

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