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Written By: Phaedra, a Pressed Bouquet Shop Designer

Here, at Pressed Bouquet Shop, our team is made up of creative, keen eyed folks who love their jobs! Behind every frame and resin preservation piece are many caring hands. From the moment your fresh bouquets arrive to the moment your finished pieces are back in your hands, our team is handling your bouquet as though it were their own. We’re sure you are curious about the people behind the blooms! We’ve asked our team what they think of being part of the creation of your lasting keepsakes, and we loved their answers so much, we knew we needed to share some of them with you. We hope this offers a bit of a peak behind the scenes! 

When asked what attracted them to the Pressed Bouquet Shop, we got a variety of reasons why we stood out as a place to work. Safran, our Quality Lead, said, “going to their website and seeing dogs listed on the employees page was just the right kind of vibe for me.” That, paired with his education in horticulture, led him straight to us! If you want to know more about our Team Support Pup, Mango, you can read her bio - and the rest of the teams - here

Our Team Support Pup, Mango.

Mango, our Team Support Pup.


Other team members  had a long held interest in or love of flowers, like Susan, Preservation Specialist, who says she “loves to create and has a passion for gardening.” Another preservation specialist, Zuri, told us about picking bouquets with her grandmother and how that creates in her a love of florals. 

Our Creative Manager, Jenni, who has always supported woman-owned businesses, says, “I've always been searching for a job/company like this and it ended up finding me. Truly blessed.” Our Marketing Coordinator, Kristin, told us she was looking for a job that she knew she’d enjoy. She says “I knew I would find that [at PBS] from the very first interview.” We couldn’t find a person who didn’t feel something similar about finding themselves working this unique and wonderful job! 

Our founder and CEO, Amelia, has often marveled at the enthusiasm that the team brings each day. For her, what started as a personal hobby has grown into a thriving business. Her favorite part? “Being able to collaborate with brilliant and unique creatives, on both a personal and professional level.” We agree, Amelia!

Pressed Bouquet Shop's Office Team Members.

Pressed Bouquet Shop's Office Team Members (From left to right: Caitlin - Director of Operations, Nikole - Client Relationship Manager, Amelia - Founder + CEO, Jenni - Creative Manager, Abby - Production Manager).


Our team, being people who love flowers and bouquets, definitely have some opinions on what their favorites are! Our Frame Designer, Jackie, is partial to succulents and loves including them in her frames. Another frame designer, Phaedra, loves to see anything unusual or unique, like daffodils or new colors of a common bloom. Many of our team members love the more stemmy florals, such as larkspur, butterfly ranunculus, and cosmos. Zoe, a Preservation Specialist, says she loves “small, cute flowers”, while Kristina, also on the Preservation team, says she likes florals “that show sass and personality along with showing special meaning.” 

As for favored preservation methods, the 10x10 field style frames are clear winners. Our Client Relations Manager, Nikole, says her dream piece is “A spring wildflower bouquet in our field-style 10x10 with our natural wood floating frame.” The natural frame is also a popular choice, as our Production Manager, Abby, says she dreams of having “Five natural 10x10 float frames that contain the most colorful & whimsical flowers. Lots of stems and small delicate blooms.” She says she would arrange them as a gallery wall, and we love that idea! Amelia also loves a gallery moment, with her love of some recent triptych designs we’ve seen, with three 16x20 frames making one image. We truly believe, when it comes to keeping your most special flowers forever, the more the merrier!

 Pressed Bouquet Shop Frames in a Triptych Design.

Triptych design using three 16x20 Grey Wood frames.


We just had to ask our team their favorite thing about coming in each day, and their responses truly warmed our hearts, as pretty much everyone agreed that it's the people they work with that make each day fun and joyful. Curtis, Warehouse Specialist, says he “can’t find one person who is less than awesome.” Safran says he loves supporting our artists in creating amazing pieces, and being the go to for flower identification (and we love that we have such an expert!). Frame Designer Pat says, “It’s like being in art class everyday!” and who didn’t love art class?

Our entire team takes a great deal of pride in being able to provide our clients with keepsakes that they can look to to recall the most important days of their lives. Nikole says she loves seeing the fresh flowers come through the door and loves even more handing the finished pieces to the clients who pick them up. Kristina says her very favorite part is giving the clients joy once they get their bouquet pieces.” Phaedra told us she gets a little emotional when she thinks of the memories the flowers she works with hold and loves to think of the frames she creates being in a couple’s home for years to come. 

Our Client Relations Manager, Nikole, receiving a flower drop-off.

Nikole, our Client Relationship Manager, receiving a flower drop off.


The collective creative spirit, in combination with providing a unique and meaningful service to our clients, is one of the best things to be a part of each day. We appreciate that our team participates so fully in fostering the environment that sets Pressed Bouquet Shop apart.  A big thank you to them for answering our questions, and we hope you enjoyed getting to know some of the lovely humans behind the creation of your beautiful preservation pieces!

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